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Straub Fellowship

Straub Fellowship

"More than ever, the success of government relies on financial and business expertise. To meet the challenges of the future, Oregon will need motivated, talented and diverse visionaries who will become our next public finance leaders."

--Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read

Oregon is looking for its next generation of public finance leaders. Government is a multi-billion-dollar business. To succeed and protect the public good, government needs bold, diverse and innovative leaders with business acumen and a commitment to service. Quality of life, after all, is directly tied to financial security.

The business of government includes investment management, debt management, financial services, and managing financial empowerment programs. The Robert W. Straub Fellowships at the Oregon State Treasury offer experience and opportunity in a leading institutional investment fund and government financial hub, for graduate and MBA students. There are two programs, both
paid, a 10-week summer program and an 8-month residency.

Applications can be found on the Portland State University website, as well as deadlines and the process for applying.

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