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Contact Us - CHRO Directory
Please note, our office does not do employment verifications. Please contact the employee's agency directly. 
Find an employee's agency here. Find a list of agency contacts here.


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Staff Title Phone E-mail
Madilyn Zike Chief HR Officer (503) 378-3020 Madilyn.Zike@Oregon.gov
Bonnie Poole
Executive Assistant                  (503) 378-2065 Bonnie.Poole@Oregon.gov
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Classification & Compensation

Staff Title Phone E-mail
Mark Rasmussen​ ​Class/Comp Manager ​(503) 378-6764 Mark.Rasmussen@Oregon.gov
Rebecca Avila Class/Comp Consultant (503) 373-7431 Rebecca.Avila@Oregon.gov
Dustin Miller Class/Comp Consultant (503) 378-3811 Dustin.Miller@Oregon.gov
Stephanie Franklin​ ​Sr. Class/Comp Consultant ​(503) 378-8657 Stephanie.M.Franklin@Oregon.gov
​Michael Baird Sr. Class/Comp Consultant​ (503) 373-7608 Michael.B.Baird@Oregon.gov
Jennifer Adams ​Sr. Class/Comp Consultant ​(503) 373-1370 jennifer.adams@Oregon.gov
​Laurie Grenya ​Sr. Class/Comp Consultant ​(503) 378-6483 Laurie.Grenya@Oregon.gov
​Tonya Harbison ​Workforce Analytics Consultant ​(503) 378-6213



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HR Policy

Staff Title Phone E-mail
​Bridget Otto ​Senior State HR Management Consultant
​(503) 373-7676 Bridget.Otto@Oregon.gov
Susan Hoeye Senior State HR Management Consultant
(503) 378- 8301 Susan.E.Hoeye@Oregon.gov
Susan DeJoode Senior State HR Management Consultant
(503) 378- 5582 Susan.R.DEJOODE@oregon.gov 
Twyla Lawson Senior State HR Management Consultant (503) 373-7677 Twyla.Lawson@Oregon.gov
Taunie Murray​ ​Senior State HR Management Consultant ​(503) 378-8364 Taunie.Murray@Oregon.gov
Donna Lantz PPDB Policy Consultant (503) 378- 3145


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Executive Recruitments

Staff Title Phone E-mail
Enrique Sama Senior Statewide Recruitment Consultant (503) 378-6919


Jenn Schierling ​Statewide HR Consultant ​(503) 378-8257


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Labor Relations

Staff Title Phone E-mail
Tom Perry Labor Relations Unit Manager
(503) 378-4201 Tom.S.Perry@Oregon.gov
Anna Sikel Office Manager
(503) 378-2616 Anna.Sikel@Oregon.gov
Craig Cowan State Labor Relations Mgr
(503) 378-5611 Craig.L.Cowan@Oregon.gov
Glenn West State Labor Relations Mgr
(503) 378-3967
Nettie Pye State Labor Relations Mgr (503) 378-3138 Nettie.Pye@Oregon.gov
Erin Haney State Labor Relations Analyst (503) 378-2705 Erin.D.Haney@Oregon.gov
Debbie Pillsbury-Harvey State Labor Relations Mgr (503) 378-8321 Debbie.Pillsbury-Harvey@Oregon.gov
​John Nees ​State Labor Relations Mgr ​(503) 378-2831 John.Nees@Oregon.gov
​Kimberly Proffitt State Labor Relations Mgr​ ​(503) 378-6483 Kimberly.Proffitt@Oregon.gov ​​
​Mark Hunt State Labor Relations Mgr​ ​(503) 378-8363 mark.hunt@oregon.gov

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Workforce Development

Vacant Program Manager​
Brandy Meng
Workforce Development Consultant
(503) 378-2209


Lucy Gardner Leadership Oregon (503) 378-3205



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