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Position Management
Categories of Service
Review each position description for appropriate category of service.  The categories of service are in ORS 240.195 Categories of Positions in State Service. ORS 240.195 defines the categories of service as Classified, Management, Exempt and Unclassified. Executive service is defined in DAS policy.
Classified Service, ORS 240.210: The classified service comprises all positions in the state service existing on June 16, 1945, or created after, and which are not listed in ORS 240.200, 240.205 or 240.212.
Management Service, ORS 240.212: The management service comprises all positions not in the unclassified or exempt service that are confidential employees, supervisory employees or managerial employees, as defined in ORS 243.650(6)(16)(23).
Exempt Service, ORS 240.200:
1) Officers elected by popular vote and persons appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices.
(2) Members of boards and commissions who serve on a part-time basis and who, if compensated, receive compensation on a per diem basis.
(3) Judges, referees, receivers, jurors and notary public.
(4) Officers and employees of the Legislative Assembly.
(5) Persons employed in a professional or scientific capacity to make or conduct a temporary and special inquiry, investigation or examination on behalf of the Legislative Assembly or a committee thereof, or by authority of the Governor.
(6) Any other position designated by law as exempt.
Unclassified Service, ORS 240.205:
1) One executive officer and one secretary for each board or commission, the members of which are elected officers or are appointed by the Governor.
(2) The director of each department of state government, each full-time salaried head of a state agency required by law to be appointed by the Governor and each full-time salaried member of a board or commission required by law to be appointed by the Governor.
(3) The administrator of each division within a department of state government required by law to be appointed by the director of the department with the approval of the Governor.
(4) Principal assistants and deputies and one private secretary for each executive or administrative officer specified in ORS 240.200 (1) and in subsections (1) to (3) of this section. “Deputy” means the deputy or deputies to an executive or administrative officer listed in subsections (1) to (3) of this section who is authorized to exercise that officer’s authority upon absence of the officer. “Principal assistant” means a manager of a major agency organizational component who reports directly to an executive or administrative officer listed in subsections (1) to (3) of this section or deputy and who is designated as such by that executive or administrative officer with the approval of the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.
(5) Employees in the Governor’s office and the principal assistant and private secretary in the Secretary of State’s division.
(6) The director, principals, instructors and teachers in schools operated under ORS 346.010.
(7) Apprentice trainees only during the prescribed length of their course of training.
(8) Licensed physicians and dentists employed in their professional capacities and student nurses, interns, and patient or inmate help in state institutions.
(9) Lawyers employed in their professional capacities.
(10) All members of the Oregon State Police appointed under ORS 181.250 and 181.265.
(11) Deputy superintendents and associate superintendents in the Department of Education.
(12) Temporary seasonal farm laborers engaged in single phases of agricultural production or harvesting.
(13) Any individual employed and paid from federal funds received under the Emergency Job and Unemployment Assistance Act of 1974 (United States Public Law 93-567) or any other federal program intended primarily to alleviate unemployment. However, persons employed under this subsection shall be treated as classified employees for purposes of ORS 243.650 to 243.782.
(14) Managers, department heads, directors, producers and announcers of the state radio and television network.
(15) Employees, including managers, of the foreign trade offices of the Economic and Community Development Department located outside the country.
(16) Any other position designated by law as unclassified.
Executive Service is not a category defined by ORS but is an administratively defined group of unclassified positions in OAR 105-010-0000 and State HR Policy 30.000.01  Position Management.
For a position to be considered Executive Service, the position must be one of the first five categories as listed in ORS 240.205 above.
Positions identified as principal assistants, pursuant to ORS 240.205 (4) require the approval of the Director of DAS to be placed in the unclassified executive Service.