Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Federal Donation Property


What is "Donation Property"?

Donation Property is personal property (not real estate) that the Federal government makes available to eligible entities to use in their respective programs.

Why is it called "Donation?"

The available property is donated from the Federal Government. However, it costs us to obtain it. Service Charges (those charged by Oregon Surplus Property) are a combination of a percentage of what the Federal government originally paid for the property, and Surplus Property's shipping and administrative costs.

What are "Donees"?

Donees are the individuals or organizations that ultimately receive the donation property and put it to use. They are the "End Users".

What do I have to do to receive Federal property?

First of all, we determine your eligibility. This is required by the Federal government, and there is criteria that must be met in order to qualify.

OK, my agency is eligible to purchase, and all of the paperwork is done. Now what?

You can shop at the Property Distribution Center in person (as well as view available property online), or you can search (screen) property available at different Federal government facilities.

I want to be able to "Screen" Federal property. How do I do this?

Navigate to the website "GSAxcess". In the upper right corner of the main page, there is a large login button. Press this button, enter the user-id and password provided to view property.

Since I am screening my own property, do I get a break on service charges?

In most cases, yes. Go to the "Rates"  page to view the different rate structures.

I see something I want for my agency. How do I get it?

Contact the Surplus Property screener, and state where the item is located, the Item Control Number, and a brief description of the item you are interested in. Our screener will then submit a request for that item.

So, this doesn't mean that I get the property for certain?

Correct. The Federal government will decide, based on how many requests are received, the need for the property, etc.

We were allocated the property we put in for. Now what?

Now, we need to determine how to get your items to you. We can ship items into our facility, or items can be shipped direct from the origination to your location. Keep in mind that if you chose the latter, you will be responsible for making all the shipping arrangements, as well as paying for all of the shipping expenses.

I don't know the first thing about shipping.....

That's okay. We have employees that can assist you with finding the least expensive and most practical shipping solution.

What if the item arrives, and it's not as advertised?

Contact our office as soon as possible. Upon approval, you can bring the item(s) into the Property Distribution Center in Salem, and receive a refund (or partial refund) for your items. We cannot, however, refund any monies paid for shipping.

If you have other questions, or need further information, please visit our website, or call 503-378-6020.