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Leasing Services for State Agencies

Leasing Services for State Agencies

  • Negotiating lease terms and drafting lease agreements for state agencies with commercial brokerage services to find suitable private sector facilities anywhere in the state. The leasing agents negotiate with property owners and brokers on behalf of the client agency, draft the lease contract, and expedite the transaction through to contract execution. 
  • Lease administration, at no additional fee (e.g., contract enforcement, expense reconciliation, space planning, etc.,) for any lease within its portfolio. 
  • Needs assessment and planning assistance (timing, square footage, functionality, cost forecast, strategy and best options)
  • Market research and site search to find leased space that aligns strategic business, financial and operational objectives
  • Interpreting terms and conditions of your lease
  • Political notifications
  • Drafting and soliciting Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Facilitating personal tours of prospective properties
  • Providing comparison of landlord proposals and guidance for decision making
  • Facilitating scheduling of Capital Projects Advisory Board reviews as needed
  • Providing access to third party brokers and working with the client agency to determine best options for external brokerage​
  • Locating space in DAS-owned uniform rent buildings. DAS' portolio of buildings provides office space for nearly 80% of state agencies' facility needs. The one-time leasing fee for space in DAS-owned uniform rent buildings is covered in the rent. 
  • Interior Project Management and space planning services
  • Purchasing or selling real estate as described in the Land Transaction Services Webpage 
 Related Services for a Fee:
  • Service Agreements and Self Support Rent Rates apply to EAM services provided by interagency agreement to state agencies in certain buildings listed in the Price List. The charges for these services reflect the actual cost of providing each service. The costs are developed by estimating costs using historical costs of maintaining and operating these buildings at current service levels. To keep the monthly costs down, service requests provided by DAS Trade Services is billed directly to tenant. For hourly rate, reference Trade Rate service category in the Price List. 

​Phase 1 - Planning

Phase 2 - Searching for Space

Phase 3 - Negotiating

Phase 4 - Preparing Lease Agreements

Leasing agents find space in both DAS-owned facilities and privately owned facilities. 

DAS-owned buildings have two rent models: uniform rent and self-support rent. ​

​​​​If you are a tenant in a DAS-owned building

If you currently lease space in a privately-owned building

Energy Conservation in Leased Space

​Oregon has some of the most aggressive sustainability requirements in the country and agencies are expected to exercise wise stewardship of Oregon's environmental resources. The Oregon Sustainability Board was created in 2001 by the Oregon Sustainability Act. Since its inception, the Board worked with state agencies to create sustainability plans and encouraged innovation among communities. The Board re-instituted the Interagency Sustainability Coordinators Network comprised of representatives from the top 25 key agencies to implement and monitor internal agency operations for conservation efforts. More information about sustainability efforts in state agencies is available on the Office of Sustainability Website.  

Water Reduction in Leased Space​  

On July 27, 2016, Governor Brown issued Executive Order 15-09 directing state agecies to reduce water consumption by 15 percent or more across all state-owned facilities on or before December 31, 2020. 

As the state explores avenues to conserve water in its own assets, we kindly ask tenants in state-owned buildings to look for ways to reduce non-essential water consumption wherever practicable.

Visit to learn more about drought conditions in Oregon and suggestions for water conservation.    


Learn more about sustainability efforts in state government.

​The Department of Administrative Services, Fleet and Parking Services Program manages employee, agency and visitor parking in the Salem Capitol Mall area. The program supports commuting options (transit, carpools, bicycles) for state employees​ with various incentives paid for by parking fees. For existing state employee parking information get parking maps. ​​​​​​​

​​Interior project managers support the leasing agents and their client agencies in developing floor plans and workspace details, which describe the built-out leased space. They frequently work with the building owner's architect, especially on larger projects. Real Estate Services' interior project managers produce drawings, which are used as lease exhibits, but not as construction bid documents. Interior project managers also monitor progress of tenant improvement construction on behalf of client agency. They look for compliance with applicable state specifications. Interior Project Management Services Webpage.​