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State facilities and land

Services included in assessments

  • Transaction consulting for acquisitions, dispositions, portfolio analysis and management of state-owned real estate assets 
  • Consulting on transaction structure, possible funding models/sources, statutes, rules, and processes regarding transfer of real estate and transaction strategy
  • Project management of acquisition and disposition transactions
  • Drafting of easements, permits of entry and similar documents
  • Research and project management of due-diligence or other real estate activities not related to pending transactions
  • Feasibility studies (in-house) and comparisons between multiple scenarios
  • Assistance with rezoning, comprehensive plan amendments and other land use applications
  • Coordination and facilitation to complete the real estate transaction
  • Administer contracts with third party consultants and contractors
  • Discuss with client agency any anticipated deviation from agreed timetable and budget before delay or unanticipated expense occurs 

​Additional services for a fee

  • Customized financial analyses and market/location studies
  • Advocate to acquire real property on behalf of an agency not authorized to own real estate, and lease that property to the agency
  • Property management services
  • Sale leaseback transactions
  • DOJ consultation and review of documents
  • Feasibility studies conducted by external consultants
  • Boundary land surveys (American Land Title Association)
  • Issuance of title reports
  • Property inspections and physical site work of any sort
  • Appraisals
  • Broker opinions of value
  • Land use or other permit fees and any consultant preparation of documentation, site plans, etc. 
  • Execution of any pre-purchase agreement or memorandum of understanding with an interested third party
  • Land transaction negotiations with an interested third party