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Planning and Construction Management

Construction Project Management

Planning and Construction Management (P&CM) project managers direct the construction of new facilities, renovations and tenant improvements to existing facilities for state agencies. We provide facility design and construction project management services for projects identified in the Department of Administrative Services' budget for DAS-owned facilities. We ensure the design and construction of each project meets the quality requirements set by the state and tenant agencies, along with code requirements. P&CM regularly compares its costs and performance against private and public sector benchmarks to assure the highest quality service. 

The EAM division also manages projects for other agencies at cost, as staff is available through interagency agreements. Planning and Construction Management staff will work with your agency to find the most cost-effective way to provide estimation, design and construction services. 

Unit staff also has expertise in the construction contracting process, working with the Department of Justice on construction projects, invoicing, construction budget management, and project timeline development.

Construction projects include three budget categories: Capital Improvement projects, Capital Construction/Acquisition projects, and Agency-funded projects.

Building Projects and Tenant Improvements 

In an effort to keep tenants up-to-date on the progress of building projects planned, we will be updating this website on a regular basis.

The project team within the Planning and Construction Management Program coordinates projects and will meet with the building tenants regularly to keep them informed of project activities. Contract vendors will perform the majority of the work on nights and weekends to minimize impact to tenants. We will do everything possible to reduce inconveniences to tenants and visitors as the projects progress.