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State facilities and land


  • Maintain keycard system and provide keycards and photo ID cards
  • Lock and unlock building doors electronically as directed by agency key coordinators
  • Assign levels of access to keycards as directed by the agency key coordinators
  • Maintain and install door hardware including locks, door closers and ADA automatic door operators
  • Design and maintain master keying system for mechanical locks to ensure access to all locked areas are controlled
  • Provide keys and keycards for interior doors
  • Maintain database for all issued keys and keycards
  • Repair doors and hardware (closures, hinges, locks)
  • Maintain and repair automatic door operators

  • Design, install and maintain other security equipment, which may include CCTV, alarms and intercoms

  • Design, install and maintain other specialty low-voltage systems as required 


​Keycards serve as keys to employee work areas. New employees should contact their manager or supervisor regarding building access.
  • Do not expose keycards to extreme heat or open flame.
  • Do not crimp, bend or twist cards.

  • Do not re-laminate cards.

  • Do not punch a slot or hole in a keycard as it could damage the chip.

  • If you have multiple keycards, do not hold two keycards toward the reader at the same time. The reader may read the wrong card.

​Lost keys or keycards must be reported to your supervisor and your key coordinator immediately. Call 503-373-7001 if you have questions.