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Disaster Preparedness Procurement
General Information
Hurricane Evacuation Sign
Disaster can strike at any time.  The key to handling the disaster is to prepare for it.  This page contains forms and documents for public procurement agencies to use to assist first responders in an emergency crises.

Procurement Documents
Forms and Logs

 Blank Purchase Order 
 Disaster Event Log
 Disaster Event Log Instructions 
 Disaster Event Log List 
 Disaster Finance Tracking Log 
 Disaster Purchases Tip Sheet 
 Disaster Procurement Walkthough Scripts 
 FEMA Documents

New Disaster Preparedness I GB Flashdrive Wristband
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Emergency Vendors and Supplies

 Emgergency Vendors & Supplies Spreadsheet 
 How to run Emegency Commodities Report in ORPIN 
ORPIN Disaster Vendors List 
ORPIN Emergency Commodities Report This report displays suppliers registered in ORPIN as of 1-19-12 who can provide commodities commonly needed in emergencies. Suppliers listed are not necessarily contract holders.
ORPIN Login 
 State Metered Equipment List


Blank SPOTS Card Info  
SPOTS Card Request 
SPOTS Information

Emergency Communications and Connections
Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots

 Wi-Fi Free Spot
 Open Wi-Fi Spots

Emergency Contact Information

 Emergency Responders and Public Utilities Contact Information 

Disaster Procurement Guidebook
The section contains electronic documents of all the items in the Disaster Procurement Guidebook. Agencies may use this information to build thier own guidebook.

IntroTable of Contents 
IntroDisaster Procurement Overview 
 Section 1Roles and Responsbilities
 Coordinating Supervisor 
 Event Tracking Status Report 
 Roles and Responsibilities of Others 
 Section 2Disaster Procurement Process
 Disaster Procurement Process Chart 
 Disaster Procurement Process Guide 
 Section 3Disaster Event Log
 Disaster Event Log Form 
 Disaster Event Log Instructions 
 Section 4ORPIN
 Search exisiting awards in ORPIN
 Emergency Contract Index Report (Not available, see ORPIN Disaster list above)
 Emergency Commodity Report 
 ORPIN Agency Coordinator List
 Section 5Payment Information
 SPOTS Card Holder Duties 
 SPOTS Card Use During Disasters 
 How to get a SPOTS Card and Increase Limit 
 SPOTS Card Application 
 Section 6Finance Tracking
 Finance Coordinator Duties 
 Finance Tracking Log Instructions 
 Finance Tracking Log 
 Section 7Disaster Resource Coordination
 Resource Coordination Process Chart 
 Disaster Resource Coordination Agreement 
 Section 8FEMA
 FEMA Financial Records Guide 
 Material Summary Log Instructions 
 Material Summary Log 
 Labor Log Instructions 
 Labor Log 
 Rented Equipment Log 
 Section 9Mobile Office
 Mobile Office Guideline 
 Attachment 1 (Wi-Fi Hotspots) 
 Section 10Appendices
 Special Procurement Authority 
 Contract Terms and Conditions 
 Disaster Response Amendment 
 Emergency Contact Numbers 
 Incident Command System Principles and Practices 
 Disaster Procurement Walkthough Scripts 
 FormsEvent Tracking Status Report 
 FormsDisaster Procurement Process Chart 
 FormsDisaster Event Log 
 FormsDisaster Finance Tracking Log 
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