Developmental Disabilities Provider and Partner Resources

ODDS is committed to engaging with individuals, families, providers, and case management partners to gather feedback on policy and guidance proposals.

ODDS posts policy and worker guide proposals for feedback. Here ODDS posts the final version of the policy or worker guide with our proposal and responses to comments and feedback received.​

Policy/Worker Guide

Updated PT Notice of Functional Needs Assessment

Summary: The current Policy for sending the Notice of Functional Needs Assessment outlined in PT-14-041 is outdated and does not reflect current expecations and rules with the transition to the Oregon Needs Assessment. This transmittal will align the policy with current rules. Additional updates will be made with updated forms in the near future.


Agency EVV Survey
Summary: ODDS is assessing the readiness of agencies to comply with a January 1, 2020 requirement. Agencies providing Community Living Supports under OAR Chapter 411-450 will be required to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for certain attendant care services. 
This Action Request requires agencies complete a short survey indicating their readiness to meet the rule requirements being adopted on November 1, 2019.

Case Management activities and the ONA worker guide version 3.

Summary: The Case Management activities and the ONA worker’s guide is being updated to version 3. It reflects the end of the transition period that implemented the ONA and incorporates certain details that have changed or were not originally included, most significantly additional ages when an assessor must conduct the ONA for a child.

Loss of Medicaid Worker Guide Update

Summary: ODDS is seeking input on the updated guidance for services coordinators and personal agents about their roles and responsibilities in providing assistance to people who have lost or may lose their Medicaid eligibility. The current version of the worker guide can be found at: Loss of Medicaid Worker Guide

The Guide To Home Modifications

Summary: The guide explains how the procedures for requesting the development of a scope of work as well as the process to build a home modification.  This applies to case management entities who are serving individuals who reside in an In-home setting and require a home modification to meet an ADL/IADL or health-related task.

ONA Completion Variance Request Transmittal

CDDPs and Brokerages must have an ONA completed on each person who has an authorized ISP by June 3, 2019. A variance option is available for completion of ONA’s between July 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019

ODDS received no comments on this proposal.


Changes to agency invoice requirements

Summary: Most provider agency payments will not pend for review by a CME starting 2/1/19. The transmittal describes this change, instructs what to do if agency claims are suspect, and outlines what a CME can expect from an agency to support a claim.  The Indirect Monitoring Worker Guide is being updated to add a description of what provider agency progress notes must contain when used to support a claim.


AFH Provider Expectations When Individuals are Admitted to a Hospital or Nursing Facility

Summary: The transmittal outlines the responsibilities of a foster care provider and service coordinator when an individual is admitted to a hospital or nursing facility. It defines a hospital admission, requires the FC provider to notify the service coordinator when an individual is admitted and details the written information that should be shared with the hospital or nursing facility.
ODDS recieved no comments on the draft transmittal. The final version has minor clarifications but no changes to the concepts.

Admin Exam Procedure Code Worker Guide

Summary: This Worker Guide provides instruction for ordering an Administrative Examination and use of Current Procedure Technology (CPT) billable codes. An Administrative Examination is an evaluation required by the Department of Human Services (DHS) used for eligibility determinations or case planning.



Employer Responsibilities and Criteria Agreement Form

Summary: Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 411-375-0055(5) requires that employers agree in writing to their responsibilities on a Department approved form. ODDS has developed a form and policy to meet assist with meeting this requirement


PSW Differentials Guidance

Summary: ODDS has drafted guidance to support CMEs in appropriately determining PSW rates and applying differentials when a PSW is eligible.

Benefits Counseling Guidance Documents
Summary: Draft revisions to guidance on Benefits Counseling has been made to the following ODDS guidance documents:
January 1, 2019 Job Coaching Rates
Summary: A stakeholder meeting was held September 27 to discuss the January 1, 2019 job coaching rates. These rates are based on updated BLS data and mileage, as well as the most updated direct contact time possible.
DRAFT ​Action Request: Direct Nursing Services in ODDS 24 Hour Residential Group Homes
Summary: ODDS is proposing to expand Direct Nursing waiver service to individuals in 24-hour residential group homes. This AR requests assistance from CDDP service coordinators in identifying individuals in 24 Hour residential services who may be eligible for these services in anticipation of a request to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

ODDS received no comments on this proposal. Some wording changes were made to the final transmittal but no changes were made to the concepts.


​Annual Functional Needs Assessment

Summary: This is an updated version of the requirements for which assessment needs to be conducted under each circumstance. It also removes the requirement to have SNAP assessments done based on 3 or 5 year scheduleds.

Policy Transmittal: Entering ISP dates in eXPRS

Summary: This PT explains the policy to enter ISP dates into eXPRS. It provides information about the process for entering and the parameters for the eXPRS fields. The "How to" guide provides the technical information for using the eXPRS screens and fields.

Action Request CORRECTED APD-AR-14-019 Funding Review and Exceptions

Summary: This AR updates the prior version of APD-AR-14-019 dated 04/27/2015. It provides information about the process, and links to an updated Request Form and updated Form Instructions when submitting requests to the ODDS for approval for services when the service:

  • Meets the threshold for Department review established in the 1915(k) State Plan Amendment or 1915(c) HCBS waivers;
  • May require a payment rate above ODDS published rate guidelines; or
  • May require the use of General Funds.
  • This is relevant for DD service coordinators, personal agents, CDDP and Brokerage supervisors and managers, and individuals enrolled in services through ODDS.

Worker Guide for Maintenance Job Coaching​

Summary: ODDS proposes to move approval for Maintenance Rate Job Coaching from the central office to the CDDP and Brokerage level. This change will allow the Service Coordinator or Personal Assistant working with the client to review and approve this rate in most situations.

ODDS received no comments on this transmittal.

​ODDS Community Transportation Worker Guide – Version 2
Summary: ODDS is seeking feedback on Version 2 of the ODDS Community Transportation Worker Guide. This worker guide is intended to provide clear guidance for case management entities to authorize community transportation supports in Individual Support Plans.


Employment services referral and release of information (multi-agency)

Summary: The multi-agency referral and release of information for employment services was developed with stakeholders from Oregon's Employment First agencies (VR, ODDS, and Education). These referral and release tools, as well as the related training tools, are intended to help streamline the delivery of employment services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Oregon, and ensure individuals have an opportunity to make an informed choice about sharing important information that is relevant to the delivery of employment services.

** Note: For best user experience, please download this form to your desktop and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Worker’s Guide regarding ODDS Benefits Counseling

Summary: This worker’s guide outlines requirements related to Benefits Counseling delivered as part of ODDS Employment Path Community Services.


Expenditure Guideline v.8

Summary: A new version of the expenditure guidelines has been prepared in response to waiver and other changes. Changes reflect:

  • Reformatting for ease of use 
  • Updated PSW wages 
  • A separate description for Day Support Activities Attendant Care 
  • The inclusion of Benefits Counseling as part of Employment Path 
  • On-the-Job Attendant Care 
  • Other clarifications 
  • Addition of CIIS-specific services (formerly a separate Expenditure Guidelines)

Adult Residential Referral Form and Process

Summary: A new Adult Residential Referral Form and Referral Packet Contents Checklist will be required for use by all CDDPs, Brokerages, CIIS, SACU, Children’s Residential Coordinators, and others involved in creating and sending individual referral information to adult foster homes, group homes, and supported living programs. ODDS is requesting feedback on the AR & Referral Form.

Individuals receiving nursing or complex medical support services in a 24-hour residential service setting (DD50) as part of the all-inclusive rate paid to the provider

Summary: Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODDS) requests that CDDPs submit info for adults who are enrolled in 24-hour residential setting and receiving certain nursing services. The goal is to identify individuals who are receiving the following supports in a 24-hour residential service setting (DD50).

Emergency Reporting to the Department 

Summary: CMEs must to ODDS in the event of a natural emergency or disaster, by utilizing levels provided a CME can determine when to report to ODDS and what information to provide.

Defining a day of service for billing purposes

The Office of Developmental Disabilities Services has redefined when a 24-hour residential provider (licensed under OAR 411-325) may file a claim or bill for a day of service.