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Developmental Disabilities Provider and Partner Resources

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About the Residential Services Provider Profiles and Vacancy Listing

This is a collaborative effort with Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDPs) and Residential Services Providers to assist service coordinators and personal agents locate residential vacancies. This will allow for providers to directly receive referrals from service coordinators and personal agents serving individuals who are looking for a new or different placement option.

Residential Services Provider Profile

Residential Services providers, including 24-Hour Residential, Adult Foster Homes, and Supported Living, can complete this form to have your agency or home vacancy to this page.

Statewide Site/Vacancy Information Reporting Form

Statewide Site/Vacancy Information Reporting Form Instructions​

Providers must submit their profiles to the CDDP where the home is located and allow CDDPs the opportunity to review the Provider Profile prior to submission to ODDS. The CDDP will submit all Provider Profiles to ODDS.

DRC Contact Inform​ation​​

Providers are responsible for ensuring their profile is completed in its entirety and submitted to the correct CDDP. Any Provider Profiles submitted directly ODDS without CDDP review will not be added. ODDS will only directly accept updates to vacancies from providers.

Completion of this Provider Profile Form is voluntary.

Providers – additional guidance is available in the transmittal below:

APD-AR-19-00​8 Provider Profiles and Vacancy Tracking​​

Home Screening Tool

ODDS has developed a Home Screening Tool for people and their families to use when considering a moving into a residential home. The brochure outlines six areas of support to guide people and their family in asking questions important for determining if a home is a good fit.

Vacancy Updates

Information posted in the Oregon Department of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) Provider Vacancy Report is supplied directly by licensed or certified providers. Information supplied by providers is not checked for accuracy or completeness by ODDS or Community Developmental Disabilities Programs. Providers are encouraged to, but may not, update their information in a timely manner. ODDS verifies that each provider listed has a current, appropriate license or certificate to operate and provide the services authorized in their license or certification, as of the date of each list posting. Users of the Provider Vacancy Report are responsible for verifying the accuracy of provider-reported information and for evaluating the appropriateness and safety of each home, provider, or service listed, based on the individual needs and preferences of the individual seeking placement. Individuals must work with their case managers to ensure appropriate placement.

Residential Services providers with a profile on this list can submit vacancy updates directly by emailing​​. Use the subject line “Vacancy Updates” and include your agency name, home name, and the updated vacancy information located in Section II of the Provider Profile Form.

Updates to the list below will be made twice monthly.

Vacancy Report6/16/2023