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Oregon Home Care Commission

What is the Registry

The Registry is an online service that matches individuals needing in-home services with homecare workers qualified to provide routine, emergency and respite care. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.​

Who can use the Registry

  • Consumer-Employers interested in hiring homecare or personal support workers
  • Homecare or personal support workers approved for Medicaid employers (who are seniors or people experiencing disabilities)

How to access the Registry

Password reset

FAQ for Employers​

How the Registry works

Consumer-Employers complete their profile about their service needs, schedule and preferences.

  • Details such as gender preference, smoking, as well as employer conditions, such as owning a pet are just some of the options the Consumer-Employers can select.

The Registry compares Consumer-Employer's information with information from available Homecare and Personal Support Workers and generates a list

  • The Registry is programmed to select a list of qualified workers that are the most likely match to the Consumer-Employers interests. 
  • Consumer- Employers can select courses that they want their worker to have completed and also view which courses the individual worker has taken.
  • The homecare or personal support worker's completed OHCC course list will be displayed for the Consumer-Employer's to view. This will lend to a stronger match.

Need​​​​ help?

If you need help, email​, or call 877-867-0077 during regular business hours.