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We set the strategic direction for the agency. We work with lawmakers, government officials, news media, thought leaders and the general public to tell our story.

Government & External Relations

​What We Do

We are ODOT’s primary point of contact for elected officials, including members of the state legislature and our representatives in Washington, DC. We are a resource to members and staff of the legislature, and provide information to help them with policy decisions.

We work with the Office of the Governor and our transportation partners to improve our state’s transportation system and to provide transportation options across the state. We ensure laws passed by the legislature are applied efficiently and effectively.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We give a first impression of our agency to many people. Because of this, we constantly strive to embody the agency’s mission and values through advocacy and education.

Degrees and Experience We Look For

Because of the fast-paced, high-pressure nature of our work, we look for people with a high attention to detail and a strong work ethic. Experience with the legislative process is a plus! Common degrees are in public administration, social science and political science.

Our Most Common Job

Legislative coordinators

Oregon state capital building

​What We Do

We provide information to the public and the media. We make videos and podcasts, printed publications, marketing materials and social media content. In addition, we manage both the internal and external ODOT websites.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We demonstrate excellence through our verbal, written and listening skills. We show integrity by being accountable to and transparent with the public.

Degrees and Experience We Look for

Many of our employees have communications and journalism degrees. A background in media or marketing is helpful. We look for outgoing people who are creative, self-motivated, collaborative and hard-working.

Our Common Jobs

  • Marketing professionals
  • Public information officers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web editors 
  • Content managers

Two people lookingn at a microphone

Photographer holding a camera

​What We Do

Our Executive Support Unit provides administrative assistance to all of the executives in the Director’s Office. We schedule meetings with legislators, other state agencies and industry leaders. Our Ask ODOT Office investigates and responds to questions from the public. Our section is also responsible for processing and tracking financial data used for projecting costs for doing business at ODOT.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We promote integrity and excellence by demonstrating exceptional customer service while answering public inquiries and providing a professional experience for our customers.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

We need people with administrative experience, outstanding customer service skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to conduct research and the ability to adapt to quickly changing circumstances. We look for degrees in business, public administration, office administration or social science.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • Executive assistants
  • Ask ODOT specialist
  • Fiscal analyst
  • Program assistant

Employee standing in front of a computer desk

Diversity & Inclusion

​What We Do 

Our work helps make sure Oregon’s transportation system, projects and programs are accessible to all. We help small and minority- and women-owned businesses participate in public contracting.

We help disadvantaged businesses to grow, help people find apprenticeships , and make sure that programs comply with affirmative action, equal opportunity and accessibility requirements. We also work with our partners in Highway and Human Resources to manage the Americans with Disabilities programs.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We demonstrate equity by embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

We often hire those with program management, legislative and public speaking experience and those with degrees in business or public administration and social science.

Jobs We Hold

  • Program analysts
  • Managers

Two employees holding a sign that reads "One ODOT"

What We Do

The Office of Social Equity has a primary charge of optimizing equity agency wide. This takes the shape of equity in projects which includes policy, program and procedure, workforce and workplace, contracting and advisory structures. 

The Office of Social Equity ensures equitable project and service delivery, and contracting practices for all of Oregon’s communities with a specific focus on the systemic inequities experienced by historically marginalized social demographics through government policies​. In this way, the Office of Social Equity is charged with understanding the agency’s historical and present barriers to create equitable solutions moving forward.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

The Office of Social Equity employs:

  • ​People fluent in and/or passionate about the promising practices and innovative thinking concerning diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.​
  • Problem solvers who anticipate issues and are resourceful in seeking a resolution. 
  • People who are responsive to and positive towards shifting demands, opportunities with the ability to work under tight deadlines and handle multiple, detailed tasks.
  • People who exercise sound judgment and the ability to respect, protect and maintain highly confidential and sensitive information with high discretion.


​What We Do

We are nationally recognized for coming up with new and creative ways to help people get from here to there in our fast-changing transportation environment. We are preparing for a future of self-driving, connected and electric vehicles. We operate the only ongoing road usage charge program in the United States – the OReGO Program. Through this program, people are charged for the miles they drive instead of through a gas tax.

We are working on a plan to introduce tolling on I-5 and I-205 to help reduce congestion. We also manage the Innovative Partnerships Program to explore things like high-speed passenger trains, electric vehicle fast-charge stations and energy-saving lighting. We partner with our Transportation Research Section, which collaborates with universities.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We promote safety by planning for connected vehicles, which help warn drivers about objects and vehicles they cannot see, bad road and weather conditions, slowing traffic and work zones. We show excellence by using our skills and expertise to continuously strive to be more efficient, effective and innovative. We show unity by working with other work units to adopt innovative ideas, and that requires us to embrace diverse viewpoints, examine alternatives and foster inclusion.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

We often hire people with research and project management skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are important. Many of our employees have a knowledge of how new laws are made. Our employees may have degrees in business administration or law.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • Policy analysts
  • Program and project managers 
  • Business and system analysts
  • Compliance specialists

Team Highlight Videos

This is the Office of Innovation

How Oregonians Use the West Coast Highway

What is OReGO?

employee giving a presentation to an audience

Agency Governance

​What We Do

We analyze facts and gather evidence to determine if a program, function or system is working well and contributes to ODOT’s mission effectively. If we identify areas for improvement, we recommend solutions. Some of our audits focus on how well we follow laws, policies, guidelines and requirements. This can include reviewing businesses we work with or our own programs.

Our reviews typically take several months, and when we are finished we provide a written report to management and other interested parties. Our work improves performance and operations at ODOT, reduces costs, ensures we follow rules and laws, and helps people make informed decisions.

As one of the largest internal audit shops in the state, we often get questions from other agencies.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We help ODOT demonstrate integrity and excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards while providing accountability and transparency over the operations that we review. Our recommendations help us to be efficient and make sure we comply with federal and state requirements.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

Our employees typically have degrees in business-related fields, such as business or public administration, finance, economics, computer science or accounting. Successful auditors have excellent interviewing, critical thinking, analytic, and planning skills. They are curious, able to handle disagreements, are caring, and are able to maintain good working relationships.

Our Most Common Jobs

Internal auditors and external auditors

Employee writing a note

​What We Do

We support the Oregon Transportation Commission’s efforts to establish state transportation policy and guide ODOT’s planning, development and management activities. We are the OTC’s daily interface with ODOT and work closely with commissioners and ODOT’s executive team to maintain alignment and robust communications between the commission and the agency.

We facilitate the OTC’s decision-making by managing monthly meetings, conducting research, representing the commission in daily interactions with the agency and communicating with the public and other transportation stakeholders.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We promote inclusivity by listening to all stakeholders and valuing the perspectives they share. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We embrace diversity by understanding that genuine sustainable solutions are only built by understanding and incorporating differing points of views.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

Because of the highly visible nature of our work and the diverse range of leaders and stakeholders we work with, political savviness and solid emotional intelligence skills are musts. We also look for people who possess high attention to detail, great communication skills and a strong work ethic. Common degrees are in social science, political science and business administration.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • Operations and policy analyst
  • Management
  • Executive support​

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