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Safety is job number one. We work to make sure travelers are safe and our workers are safe. We spread messages about safe transportation, whether walking, biking, driving or rolling. We make sure our people have the safety equipment and training they need. We do our best to make sure the traveling public makes it home safely as well.

​What We Do

​​We ensure a safe and healthy workplace for ODOT employees. We recommend guidelines and programs that help us follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations. We train fellow employees on various safety topics and respond to incidents, conduct investigations and make recommendations to prevent similar situations.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We help ODOT employees stay safe.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

Many of our employees have degrees in industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, or a related field. We like to see experience with Worker’s Compensation loss prevention, helping injured employees return to work, and occupational health and safety programs.​

Our Most Common Job

Safety Specialist

Employee beginning to repel down the side of a bridge in a harness

​What We Do

We provide grants, contracts and services to the public, other government agencies and non-profits to conduct data-driven solutions, provide education, and encourage safe practices on Oregon's roadways. For example, we help manage the Safe Routes to School Program, which educates children on how to walk and bike safely to school. Our Bicyclist Safety Program and Pedestrian Safety Program promote safe riding and walking to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from motor vehicle crashes. 

We actively work to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. We promote motorcycle safety, driver education programs, the correct use of seatbelts and child restraints, and much more.​

How We Live Our Mission and Values

Our work is crucial. We take our job of educating the public on a  variety of safety issues very seriously.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

Our employees may have degrees in business or public administration, the behavioral or social sciences, or experience managing a program.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • ​Program analyst
  • Program manager
Roadside safety sign that reads, "workers next 8 miles."

Public Engagement

We're all about engaging the public in safety. Here are a few of our recent ad campaigns designed to keep you and your family alive.

Ad against drinking and driving that states "a crash is no accident. Your decisions have consequences. Stay sober."

Promotional ad that states, "Together, we roll. Let's all get there safely."

Promotional ad that states, "Parents, learn the shocking truth about driver ed."

​What We Do

We support the various programs around the state that focus on what you can do to be safe, no matter what form of transportation you are using. These programs educate Oregonians and visitors about using safety belts and child safety seats properly, being safe and sober, putting away distractions when behind the wheel, being trained in safe motorcycle use, and knowing how to be safe when riding and walking.

​We help these programs with grant writing, with research, when working with volunteers and more.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We work with our partners in law enforcement, cities, counties and safety organizations to help people make smart, safe decisions when they are out and about.​

​Degrees or Experience We Look For 

Many of our employees have degrees in business and public administration, social science, or experience coordinating or administering a program. 

Our Most Common Jobs 

  • Program analysts 
  • Program managers 
  • Operations support specialists 
  • Data analysts​

An employee and a police officer discuss and pointing at a map.

Video Highlights

Our Transportation Safety group produces videos to help keep the public safe while traveling. Take a look.

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Did You Know

Our data shows a distracted driving crash occurs every three hours in Oregon. Unfortunately, distracted driving crashes are under-reported. It probably plays a much more significant role in Oregon crashes. Please #drivehealthy.