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Traffic Counting

This Page provides access to the web version of the Oregon State Highway Transportation Volume Tables, or TVT, including the Permanent Traffic Recorder section and the Interchange Ramp Volume Diagrams. The Highway numbers seen in these pages are the Oregon Department of Transportation highway numbers. These numbers are not what you would see on road side signs when driving on our highways. For those not familiar with our highway numbering system see the Highway Cross Reference Table.

We also provide traffic volumes, flow maps, trends, manual counts and vehicle class on state highways to Federal, State, Local, Private and Public constituents.

COVID-19 Traffic Reports

Transportation Volume Tables

State Highway Traffic Volumes

Detailed State Highway Segment Traffic Data

Ramp Interchange Volume Diagrams

Permanent Automatic Traffic Recorders: Station Trends

Permanent Automatic Traffic Recorders: Station Location Maps

Traffic Flow Maps

​We collect classification data on all state highways and classify vehicles according to the FHWA Scheme-F 13 vehicle guidelines FHWA Vehicle Classification Definitions. This presentation of the data differs from the Volume Tables in that it is presented by range rather than location. The mile point shown is not where the count was taken, but rather the beginning of the range the count is considered to represent. The data presented in the classification report also includes the AADT, design hour factor and ton mileage factor.

For additional classification information on a State Highway, please contact ODOT Traffic Monitoring.

Route & State Highway Cross Reference

State Highway Volume & Classification Reports

​Vehicle Miles of Travel, or VMT is the sum of distances traveled by all motor vehicles in a specified system of highways for a given period of time. The VMT for each road section is calculated by multiplying the average daily traffic, or ADT by the length of the road section and the length of the time period. Those section VMTs are summed to calculate the VMT for a road or road system.

Oregon Statewide VMT

Total Vehicle Miles Traveled on Oregon public roads.

Oregon State Highway VMT

Total Vehicle Miles Traveled on Oregon State owned highways.

Oregon State Highway VMT by County

Vehicle Miles of Travel on Oregon State owned highways within each county.

​Many times people are interested in traffic counts inside of cities or particular counties. Most of our focus is on the state highway system so we have a limited amount of information on some of these specific volumes.

Other traffic counting websites





ODOT Traffic Monitoring

Don Crownover
Transportation Systems Monitoring Unit Team Leader

 You’ll have a new option to access traffic count data in mid 2021. The new Oregon Traffic Monitoring System (OTMS) will include an online interactive tool where you can access count data. Look for updates, demos and announcements about report changes as we get closer to launch.

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