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Standard Details | Traffic Section 4000-4999

This page provides Oregon Department of Transportation traffic details in PDF and DGN format. It also contains baseline reports.
NOTE: Engineering drawings, in DGN format, cannot be viewed on mobile devices. These files require special software that can only be installed on a computer. The drawings in PDF format can be viewed on any device.

​The Standard Details are currently under revision.  If you are unable to locate a specific Detail, please contact Dave Polly, the Senior Standards Engineer, by email or by phone at (503) 986-3738 for personal assistance.

​All our drawings and details are maintained on the ODOT FTP server, which is open to the general public with no restrictions. If you are unable to open a particular PDF or DGN on this page, please contact our web editor who will correct the broken link.

However . . .   
If you are unable to open any of the PDF or DGN files on this page, you must contact your IS staff to correct your network problem.  While some computer configuration or security settings could block FTP access, this condition is most likely related to your company's firewall settings. The leading suspect would be some rule or restriction on certain firewall ports. In order to view PDF/DGN files from FTP servers, your firewall must be able to process and allow traffic over port 443. If this port is blocked or restricted, you will not be able to access any of our files. Please contact your IS staff for support.

​​If you would like to suggest changes to the Standard Details, fill out the form on the ["Request for Change to Standard Details"] page.


TRAFFIC - Temporary Signing
File Type
DET 4100
Invasive Species Check Point Layout
DET 4101
Invasive Species Check Point Signs 


TRAFFIC - Permanent Signing
File Type
DET 4235
Pipe Sign Support
DET 4237 Special Pipe Sign Support
pdf dgn DET 4241 Square Tube Sign Support w/Triangular Base Breakaway
DET 4250 Truck Weigh Station Signing Details
DET 4251 High Level Warning Device


TRAFFIC - Illumination
File Type
DET 4300 Luminaire Installation on Wood Poles
DET 4310 Luminaire Installation on Wood Poles
DET 4320 Illumination Details
DET 4330 Light Pole Table & Pole Height Verification
dgn ​DET 4340 ​Temporary Illumination Specification
dgn ​DET 4350 ​Temporary Illumination Plan (Example)


TRAFFIC - Signals
File Type
pdf dgn​​ DET 4400​ ​Tattle-Tale Lights
pdf dgn ​DET 4405 ​Terminal Block 'B' Detail
​​pdf dgn DET 4407​ ​6 Pair Interconnect Wiring Diagram
pdf dgn​ DET 4412​ ​Overhead Conductors Temporary Pedestrian Pole
DET 4415
Temporary Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet Base
DET 4416 Solar Power School Zone flasher (Vertical)
DET 4418 Stabilizer Details
pdf​ dgn ​DET 4420 ​Radar Mounting Details
pdf dgn DET 4422​ ​Pedestrian Push Button "H" Frame Details
pdf​ dgn DET 4427​ ​Conduit Lowering Details
DET 4430
Cabinet Foundation Riser Frame
pdf dgn​ DET 4431​ 12" Actuated Beacon System​​
pdf dgn DET 4432​ 12" Actuated Beacon System​
DET 4433 Inductive Loops Parallelogram
​pdf dgn​ ​DET 4434 ​Loop Details
DET 4435  Preformed Loop
DET 4436 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
DET 4437 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
DET 4438 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons


TRAFFIC - Permanent Traffic Markers
File Type
pdf ​​dgn ​DET 4540 ​Type 6 Delineator Installation Details
DET 4552
Transverse Rumble Strips
DET 4553 Freeway & Expressway Shoulder Rumble Strips
DET 4554 Rural Highway Shoulder Rumble Strips
DET 4555 Rural Highway Edge Line Rumble Strips
DET 4556 Rural Highway Centerline Rumble Strips
DET 4557 Rural Highway Modified Centerline Rumble Strips
pdf dgn ​DET 4558 ​Rural Highway Centerline Rumble Strips Miscellaneous Detail
DET 4560 Pavement Marking Detail Blocks
pdf dgn DET 4561​ Left Turn Channelization​
pdf dgn DET 4562​ Two-way Left Turn Lane Treatment at Raised Median​
DET 4565 Railroad Crossing Edge Line Details
DET 4570 Pavement Marking for Buffered Bike Lane


TRAFFIC - Structures
File Type
DET 4600
90 Degree Rotational Support
pdf dgn DET 4640 ​Camera Pole Plan and Design Criteria
pdf dgn DET 4641 Camera Pole Details​
pdf dgn DET 4650 ​Signal Pole Recessed Terminal Cabinet
DET 4670 Solar Flashing Beacon Wood Post Attachment 
​pdf dgn DET 4677​ Adjustable Chevron Mount​​
DET 4681 Solar Flashing Beacon PSST Attachment 


TRAFFIC - Temporary Traffic Control
File Type
DET 4700
Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) Red/Yellow Lens AFAD
DET 4705​ Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) Stop/Slow AFAD 2-lane, 2-way Roadway​
DET 4710
Temporary Transverse Rumble Strips
DET 4720
Diversions and Cross Overs
pdf dgn DET 4740​ Rolling Slowdown Method​
pdf dgn DET 4750​ 3 Lane 2-way Roadways​
pdf dgn DET 4760​ ​Temporary Glare Screen

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