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Jobs and Transportation Act

JTA Projects

Transportation projects are a means to achieving the things that we as Oregonians value - a vibrant economy with good jobs, safe communities with a good quality of life, and a clean environment. Transportation projects are ultimately about people, not pavement; they're about communities, not concrete.

The Oregon Legislature passed the Jobs and Transportation Act, or JTA, in 2009, at a time when the nation was suffering from the worst recession in modern times. Now, seven years later, the state is reaping the benefit of these transportation investments with a rapidly-growing economy that is seeing jobs grow at a rapid pace. View interactive map of state and local JTA projects.


On time/on budget

ODOT partnered with communities and contractors to successfully deliver JTA projects on time and on budget. Working with our stakeholders, we've effectively managed the scope and schedule of projects to keep them on track and allow savings from projects that come in under budget to be invested in additional elements or shifted to other projects that need more resources.

Over the last 13 years, overall project construction expenses are within 100 percent of their originally authorized amount, and 88 percent of construction projects were completed within 90 days of their estimated completion date.


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