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Current Planning Projects

The Transportation Development Division's Planning section at the Oregon Department of Transportation periodically conducts projects to update statewide plans or to develop or update guidance documents affecting Oregon transportation agencies and planners. Below are planning projects in process today. Visit the pages below to find out more, including how to get involved and provide your feedback to help make sure the documents reflect interests and concerns throughout the state.

Oregon Public Transportation Plan Update

The Oregon Department of Transportation is developing a new Oregon Public Transportation Plan, or OPTP, to replace the 1997 version. The new OPTP will provide a statewide vision for the public transportation system and provide a policy foundation to assist transportation agencies in making decisions.

Oregon Public Transportation Plan main page

Oregon Commercial Truck Parking Study

It's nationally recognized that commercial truck drivers often can't find safe and adequate parking for rest purposes. In Oregon, some rest areas are experiencing a demand for truck parking that exceeds capacity. The purpose of this study is to analyze truck parking issues on key freight corridors and determine where additional parking is needed.

Oregon Commercial Truck Parking Study main page

Emerging Technology Impact Assessment

ODOT initiated the Emerging Technology Impact Assessment (ETIA) to consider how emerging transportation technologies such as connected/automated vehicles (CVs/AVs) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) could specifically transform Oregon's transportation system transportation Oregon's transportation system, address Oregon-specific transportation challenges, and evaluate the range of possible impacts for which ODOT should prepare.

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