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OReGO: Oregon's Road Usage Charge Program

Welcome to OReGO!

ODOT launched the nation's first road usage charge program July 1, 2015. Oregonians can now sign up to participate. Visit to enroll.
The OReGO website serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to learn more about Oregon's innovative road usage charge program and what it means for the future of our state’s transportation system. Included on the OReGO website are a calculator to compare current fuel tax payment versus projected road charge payments, stories about volunteer participants, FAQ and an opportunity to sign up for our email interest list.


More about OReGO

Road User Fee Task Force

Oregon's weight mile tax

Contact us

Customer service hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time (closed holidays and weekends).
(503) 986-7827

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