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OReGO: Oregon's Road Usage Charge Program


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What is OReGO?

Currently, Oregonians pay a fuel tax to fund road preservation and improvement projects. But cars and trucks are using less gas or run on electricity, shrinking funds for our roads and bridges. With the OReGO pay-per-mile system, Oregonians pay for the miles they drive instead of gallons consumed.

ODOT successfully launched OReGO on July 1, 2015 with no sunset date.

With volunteer drivers, the program is demonstrating a new way to fund road maintenance, preservation, and improvements. OReGO volunteers pay a per-mile charge for the miles they drive and receive a non-refundable credit for fuels tax paid at the pump, and drivers of highly efficient vehicles are eligible for reduced registration fees. Learn more at

Oregon has the solution for sustainable road maintenance in the wake of climate change

Road usage charging is advancing quickly around the U.S. and may be the most impactful transportation innovation since Oregon implemented the nation's first gas tax a century ago (1918). The nation soon followed.

Now, states are struggling to pay for transportation. Fuel taxes become obsolete as we evolve toward a fully-electric fleet. Further, as state departments of transportation work to reduce their contributions to climate change, they are seeking alternative ways to generate funding that also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A road usage charge is that solution. This new funding model weans us off fossil fuels using a modern, technology-based solution that combats climate change while assessing drivers fairly for their road use.

Legislation cuts fees for OReGO drivers

brochure cover.jpgOReGO drivers of electric and high-mpg vehicles (40 mpg or better) can save money on registration while they are enrolled in Oregon's road usage charge program.
Typically, drivers pay two to four years’ worth of registration fees in advance when purchasing a car or renewing their registration. Electric and high-mpg vehicle fees increased in 2020 and 2022, the combined up-front registration fee could amount to hundreds of dollars.
But if they are enrolled in OReGO, electric and high-mpg vehicle owners do not have to pay the registration fee increases. Instead, they pay just the base registration ($43 per year) plus the road charge of 1.9 cents per mile. 

How do EV drivers benefit by paying a road usage charge?

We reviewed the research to identify how electric vehicle owners might benefit by joining OReGO and paying a road usage charge. Here's a summary of our findings:
EVs-RUC benefits-research.docx

Learn more about OReGO

The OReGO website is a resource for those looking to learn more about Oregon's innovative road usage charge program and what it means for the future of our state’s transportation system. Included on the OReGO website are a calculator to compare what you would pay in road charge versus what you currently pay in fuel tax, FAQs and an opportunity to sign up for our email interest list.


Join OReGO, save on registration