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Regarding COVID-19:  As directed by Governor Kate Brown, the Board of Nursing offices are closed to the public for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency.  If you want to volunteer to give vaccinations at a COVID-19 clinic, please visit our information page.  For other pandemic-related information for nurses, please visit the OSBN COVID-19 information webpage.  For information about Oregon's efforts to combat the virus, visit Governor Brown's COVID-19 information page, the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 page, or the OHA's COVID-19 vaccination pageClick here for information for retired nurses or students who wish to volunteer at COVID-19 clinics. 
The Board of Nursing will consider proposed changes to the Nurse Practice Act during its June 15 meetingFor information on how to testify during the administrative rule hearings, please visit the proposed administrative rule page.

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