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Impaired Provider Monitoring

Options for Monitored Practice in Oregon

The American Nurses Association estimates that 6 - 8 percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs to the extent sufficient to impair their professional performance and could pose a risk to the public.  When such a risk is reported to the OSBN and an investigation is completed, the Board may decide to:
  1. Dismiss the case if no violation of the NPA is determined.
  2. Discipline the license of the nurse or nursing assistant.  Frequently, the license is placed on Probation.  This requires the nurse to fulfill the requirements of the probation order in order to maintain their license.  This discipline is a public document and is posted on the OSBN website.
  3. Allow the nurse to enter the alternative-to-discipline program in Oregon, known as the Health Professionals’ Services Program (HPSP).  In Oregon, the HPSP program is implemented by a third-party vendor.  Participation in the HPSP is not considered discipline and, if the nurse successfully completes the program, it will not be a public document.  Currently, HPSP is only available to advanced practice nurses, RNs, and LPNs. 


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