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Primary Source Verification

The OSBN provides licensing data as part of its official website, at  This website is the primary source for nurse and nursing assistant licensure status and other related OSBN information and data.  The information contained in this website is the same information provided through other means, i.e. telephone, facsimile, email, or mail, and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge.  Information on the website is synchronized in real time.

The OSBN verifies only the initial prelicensure education that led to a person's eligibility for licensure, such as a BSN, associate's degree, or nursing diploma program.  In many cases, a nurses have additional education (such as a master's degree), but that is not verified since it is the initial entry-level education that determines their eligibility for licensure.

The OSBN has always required an official transcript for graduates of U.S. schools of nursing applying for licensure by examination.  In 2019, the OSBN initiated an online portal for Oregon nursing programs only, in which program deans and directors can verify a student has graduated instead of providing a transcript.  For graduates of schools of nursing outside of the U.S. applying for licensure by examination, the requirements have changed over the years.  Currently, we require a credentials evaluation by an OSBN-approved credentials evaluation service, but do not require a transcript, as the credentials evaluation service requires one.  

For nurses from another state applying for licensure by endorsement, we have done primary source verification of the person´s initial education leading to her/his eligibility for licensure since Sept. 1, 1994.  Nurses licensed by endorsement prior to that date were not required to submit transcripts and education was not verified except as reported by another state board of nursing.

All nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists certified by the Oregon State Board of Nursing have had initial transcript review and primary source verification to determine they meet eligibility requirements.  CRNAs and NPs must provide additional proof of national board certification.