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How to add licenses to your registered account

  1. Log into your account, enter your User Name or E-mail and Password, then click the “Sign In” button. 

  2. Click on “Account Management” or "My Account."

  3. Scroll midway down the web page to the License Information section and then Click “Add a License.” 

  4. Select “License Type” from the dropdown menu and you will see a list of 45 different professional trade licenses. For your convenience we have listed all BCD issued licenses first in alphabetical order and then all non-BCD (CCB, Landscape Contractor, DEQ Installer, etc.) licenses in alphabetical order below that. 
    Once you have selected the license type enter your license number exactly as it appears on your license. Once you have entered the license type and number click the “Find License” button. If no records are found and you have entered your license information correctly you may have an expired license. If you’re having trouble scroll to the top of bottom of the current web page and call our help desk line. 

  5. Click on “Add License to Account” to attach the applicable license to your account.

  6. Click “OK” in the pop-up box, Message from webpage.
    Note: You will only have to attach your license(s) one time to your registered account for ongoing use. 
  7. Now you have added a license to your account! You can add additional licenses by repeating the Add a License process. Please add each and every one of your professional licenses to your account so you will be able to access all of the correct permit options.