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Business License Renewals

Licenses can be renewed online through Citizen Access. There must be a reference contact that is both on this year’s license record and the public user account in order for the public user to renew.

These instructions describe what a public user will do to renew

  1. Log into ACA using credentials supplied on the first renewal letter.
    Note: The User ID will be the user’s email address.Bus License Screenshot Renewal Letter.png

  2. Go to Search > Licensing Records.

  3. The license associated to the public user will be listed. Click Renew Application to start the renewal process.

  4. All of the current license information will be copied down to this new renewal record. The user can now navigate through the page flow and update any necessary information that has changed from the original license like contact information, number of employees, location, etc. If the information hasn’t changed, they will continue to the next page.

    1. License Details > Location


    2. License Details > People


      Note: that the Number of Employees is required but not populated to ensure the fees are correct.Pic8r.png

    3. Review
      Note: this screenshot doesn’t include the whole screen for space saving purposes.

  5. Once the user gets to the end of the process, they will be presented with the renewal fees.

  6. Once the fees are paid, their license will be auto-issued and emailed to the applicant. The new renewal record will become this year’s license. There are two exceptions when the license is not auto-issued and fees are not yet owed:
    a. Address has changed (requires zoning review)
    b. Non-profit (needs to be verified)