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State facilities and land

Projects approved by the Legislature for a six-year period

2015 HB 5006

$17,000,000 other funds (Article XI-Q bonds) for acquisition of an office building that is currently being offered for sale. Note, this funding limitation was later removed as acquisition abandoned. ​​​
$2,089,795 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to upgrade switch keepers and electrical panels, increase electrical capacity, and replace lighting systems in several state buildings. ​​​​
$2,217,398 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to upgrade restrooms and replace the cooling tower, chillers, air conditioning units, and chilled water lines in the Employment building. ​​​​
$377,443 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to replace the central stairway in the Executive building including the construction of a code compliant egress stair enclosure. ​​​​
​$875,461 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) for upgrades to elevators in the Executive building to address safety issues.​​​​
​​$89,322 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to upgrade the fire sprinkler system in the Executive building.​​​​
​$1,701,702 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) is approved to replace the cooling towers in the Human Services building.​​​
​$350,000 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to contract with various architects, engineers, and other specialists to develop feasibility analyses and reliable cost information to prepare preliminary design for small to medium-sized projects; and to evaluate options to address maintenance problems. ​​​
​$2,926,140 other funds (Capital Projects Fund) to add an emergency generator for the DEQ Public Health Lab to provide backup for the entire building in the event of a power failure. ​​​

​2017 SB 5506

​$4,579,431 preliminary planning and design funds for mission critical facility on Yellow Lot in Salem referred to as the Resilience building​. SB5701 [2018] added $2,500,000 for a total of $7,079,431 and changed project name to Oregon Resilience Buildings (ORB1 and 2). 
​$3,743,000 for upgrades to Department of Human Services building.
$6,236,000 for Employment building upgrades.​​​
$3,890,000 to upgrade electrical capacity and replace lighting in several state buildings.​​​
$2,926,000 for Capitol Mall Parking Structure study and upgrades.​
$500,000 to contract with various architects, engineers, and other specialists to develop feasibility analyses and reliable cost information for medium to small-sized projects.​
$1,234,000 for boiler and heating upgrades​. HB5006 [2019] extended expenditure limitation to June 30, 2021.
​$1,162,000 for upgrades to Portland Crime Lab.
​$3,500,000 for multiple parking lot upgrades​
$13,146,000 for renovation of Portland State Office Building​
$11,000,000 for electrical power upgrades at the State Data Center.​
$6,300,000 for Capitol building staff relocation during seismic upgrades.​


2018 HB 5201

​$6,250,000 for infrastructure​ improvements at the Mill Creek Corporate Center. Infrastructure improvements at the Center are necessary for parcels to be sold and developed. These improvements are paid for with proceeds from land sales at the Center. 
​$550,000 to secure and maintain the former Hillcrest Youth Correctional facility transferred to DAS by OYA as surplus property. Final disposition is expected to occur in the 2019-21 biennium. ​

​2019 HB 5006

​$10,524,000 Other Funds (Capital Projects Fund) for various capital and tenant improvements in multiple DAS-owned buildings. These improvemens include: roof replacements for the Executive Building, Human Services Building, Revenue Building, Publishing and Distribution, and the General Services Building Annex; resealing and flashing the roof of the State Data Center; energy efficient upgrades to lighting and control systems for the Agriculture Building, Public Service Bulding, and Department of Environmental Quality Building; addition of redundant power supply for the Agriculture Building; and upgrades to boilers, heaters and HVAC systems in multiple buildings, including the Labor & Industry Building.
​$5,000,000 Other Funds (Article XI-Q Bonds) to replace wood window casements with double hung, vented or sliding windows and install an additional ten secondary electrical distribution panels and feed power transformers and circuit breakers.
​$10,000,000 Other Funds (Article XI-Q Bonds) to plan, design, and replace the electrical and HVAC system components of the building.
​$8,600,000 Other Funds (Article XI-Q Bonds) to repair the roof, replace exterior windows, update security, upgrade the HVAC system, and install high efficiency lighting and lighting controls.
​$24,000,000 Other Funds (Article XI-Q Bonds) to acquire a 175,000 sq. ft. facility in Wilsonville that offers warehouse, lab and office space as welll as high-bay doors.

For a complete summary of Capital Construction legislative action visit the legislative website.