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State facilities and land

Help preserve state facilities with these actions

Contact us first for permission to 

  • Remodel.
  • Drill any holes in any surface. Use existing wall hangers whenever possible. Wall damage grows through decades of hanging pictures as employees come and go.
  • Do any electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • Install partitions or walls other than systems furniture and cubicle dividers.
  • Place anything in any duct, vent opening, conduit, ceiling or sub-floor space.
  • Clean up spills. Call us when spills occur so that we will clean the area to help prevent stains.
  • Move heavy furniture and equipment. Dollies must be used to avoid wear and tear on the carpets.
  • Remove old computer, telephone and electrical cabling when you install new cabling.

Tenant expectations

Refer to the Tenant Handbook for expectations and tips regarding sustainability. 
Tenant Handbook

Contact us:



Report emergencies immediately
  • Help desk 503-378-3664 
  • After hours:
    • Capitol Mall: Call State Police, 503-375-3555.
    • Elsewhere: Call a local authority or your building manager.
  • Non-emergencies: Report issues to your agency's building contact. For help in identifying your building contact, call 503-378-3664.