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Accounting and reporting

Below are resources related to accounts receivable management. 

​​​​​​​​​​​The ARCC is comprised of accounts receivable representatives who meet on the third Wednesday of each month to discuss current collection practices and assist SWARM in developing strategies to improve statewide accounts receivable management. The ARCC also serves as a forum for state agency accounts receivable professionals to collaborate with peers from other state agencies and to discuss successful collection strategies, lessons learned and best practices.

ARCC meeting minutes and meeting recording*

​Jan. 17, 2023
​Nov. 15, 2022
​Aug. 16, 2022
​April 19, 2022
​Feb, 15, 2022Minutes​Recording
​Oct 19, 2021
​Aug 17, 2021
​April 20, 2021
​Feb. 23, 2021

*Meeting recording video will only be viewable by agencies within the Oregon Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

For archive copies of the ARCC meeting minutes, please send an email to

​The A/R toolkit is a product of work completed by the Accounts Receivable Core Committee Tools and Process Improvement Subcommittee. The documents included in the toolkit are provided as samples for state agency reference. The flowchart and narrative included in the toolkit represent an example of the account receivable process as reflected in Oregon Accounting Manual Chapter 35; agency specific processes may vary.
OAM chapter 35 includes policies directly related to accounts receivable management. The below list of documents represents those policies referenced in OAM chapter 35. To view all policies included in the OAM, visit the Oregon Accounting Manual webpage. 

The following ORS chapters include information directly related to accounts receivable management.

ORS 082 - Interest; Repayment Restrictions

ORS 183 - Administrative Procedures Act; Legislative Review of Rules; Civil Penalties

ORS 293 - Administration of Public Funds

Statewide contracts for debt colle​ction services

​The Department of Administrative Services enters into statewide contracts with private collection firms to enable state agencies to procure debt collection services. To view the current list of statewide debt collection service contracts, log into the Oregon Procurement Information Network (OR​PIN​) and complete an award search using key words "debt collection".    

Below is a list of state contracts for debt collection services.

Vendor name
Contact name

Premiere Credit of North America​

Steve Sturgeon​ 

Account Control Technology, Inc.​

Barbara Lucas​

Linebarger Attorneys at Law​

​Renee Linnabary 

Integral Recoveries

Chris Landers 

Coast Professional, Inc.​

Diana Day​ 

Professional Credit Service​

Jeffrey Johnson​