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Statewide CNC Meetings

Below you will find the Statewide CNC meeting recaps. We encourage you to read the following and share this with your respective communities.

7/26/23 - Meeting Recap

Please review the agenda and meeting content. You will find the respective slides and attachements pertaining to each topic below.

CNC Statewide Meeting Agenda 7/26/23

Workday Audit

The Workday team will be working on an audit of employees who have a mismatch between their assigned grade profile and their assigned job profile, meaning they are not linked within Workday.

The job profile might be incorrect as there are job profiles at different salary ranges (based on CBA/Policy), or it could be an incorrect grade profile which could cause an employee to get compensated incorrectly.

Additionally, having a mismatch could cause errors for those employees on the automatic monthly files (i.e., PERS Pickup and Step Increases).

Agencies who have employees with an identified mismatch will receive an email that includes a list of identified employees, general guidance on how to proceed, and some helpful resources.


Pay Equity

We've received several similar questions related to pay equity and thought it would be helpful to highlight some pay equity guidance. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact


Pay Equity Administration Guidance

The pay equity calculator should be used by all agencies to determine the salary placement on all new positions (new hires, promotions, laterals, demotions), and any request for an unscheduled pay equity adjustment (from an employee or management requested review). Agencies should not be using the CMP Pay Equity report – the calculator replaces the old process.


New Position (new-to-state hire, promotion, lateral, demotion)

  • If the candidate is a current state employee (and after running the pay equity calculator), the expected step is lower than the employee's current salary, the agency needs to follow CBA or policy to ensure the appropriate contract or policy language is applied.


For example, most contracts and the policy indicate an employee receives at least one step upon promotion. If the pay equity calculator indicates the appropriate step is 3, yet when following CBA/policy, step 4 provides the employee one step upon promotion, the individual should be placed on step 4. The agency analyst needs to document the reason (with reference to CBA/policy) in the notes section of the pay equity calculator.


  • If the candidate is a current state employee, the agency also may take into consideration other data points, such as a long WOC or a close BSD, to make a salary placement. Again, the reason for the salary step placement needs to be documented in the notes section of the pay equity calculator.

  • The agency may take into consideration a specific skill set the candidate (whether current state employee or new to state) brings if the position being filled is a broadly defined classification, such as an OPA 3. If the agency is seeking an individual who has experience in a specific niche policy/program, and the candidate has the unique skillset, then it may be appropriate to bring the candidate in at a higher step. The reason for the higher step needs to be documented in the notes section of the pay equity calculator.


NOTE: If placing a candidate on a step that deviates from the pay equity calculator (i.e., creating a high outlier), the agency should be prepared to respond to/defend that decision if audited or challenged through other legal venues, which is why the documentation in the notes section is so important.


Unscheduled Pay Equity Adjustment in Current Position

The agency needs to use the pay equity calculator to determine the appropriate step. If the calculator reflects the employee should be on a higher step, the agency should submit its analysis and the associated documentation (pay equity calculator, employee/management request) to DAS CnC for review.  DAS will continue to use the pay equity calculator as the determining factor to approve or deny unscheduled pay equity adjustments.

Also, as a reminder, our next Pay Equity Office Hours will be Tuesday, August 8 from 10AM-11AM.


SEIU Tentative Agreement – Agency Initiated WOC Pending Upward Reclassification


We have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with SEIU regarding WOC pending reclassification and how to handle the compensation. This language will be effective upon union ratification and policy will be updated at a future date as well. Please see document above for details. 


Current PEMs

We will be running reports to identify the remaining PEM's and will be reaching out to agencies to determine appropriate allocations. Agencies will need to notify these employees and respond to any appeals consistent with Policy.  For unique positions that do not fit within the new TOMP classifications, DAS CNC will work with affected agencies to develop appropriate classifications. 


Developing Questions to Support an Analysis​

Asking the Right Questions - Class Spec and PD

This training content was created by our DAS CNC Consultants to assist Classification & Compensation Analysts across the State to develop and answer the right questions as it pertains to the Position Description and Classification Specs.


Limited Duration Appointment Reminder

Limited Duration (LD) appointments:​

  • Must be reviewed for appropriate classification prior to establishing and recruiting.
  • May not be reclassified. If the LD position is changed, best practice is to end the appointment and establish a new one pursuant to state policies 30.000.01 and  40.025.02. Refer also to your CBA for guidance when applicable.
  • Are NOT temporary appointments and should not be treated like one. Please refer to state policy 40.025.01.
  • All LD appointments must have a completed Limited Duration Agreement form.

8/30/23 - Meeting Recap

Please review the meeting content. You will find the respective slides and attachements pertaining to each topic below.

Classification Update

Bargaining is wrapping up, and we should soon be learning the effective dates of the Class Study changes. The Training and Development classification is going to be a large undertaking for some agencies. 

To prepare for allocation review, which is like the Reclass Review process, please gather all training related PDs, make sure they are all accurate, complete, up to date, and signed by your appointing authority now if you haven’t already. More to come ​as we get closer.

Training of the Month
We review the differences between Office Specialists and Administrative Specialists and Program Analysts and Operations and Policy Analysts.

9/27/23 - Meeting Recap
Please review the agenda and meeting content. You will find the respective slides and attachements pertaining to each topic below.

Workday HCM

Below is a list of new and updated allowances for CBA’s that have ratified and reported.  There is also an announcement in Workday titled New and Updated allowances in Workday – CBA/Policy Changes.  Please refer to the CBA for the specifics/details on the allowances. Agencies can now add/update workers allowances, as appropriate.


New Compensation Allowances: 

  • American Board of Professional Psychology Certification – Percent (SEIU – Effective upon ratification: 8/22/23) 
  • Sexual Offending Treatment Program – Percent (SEIU – Effective upon ratification: 8/22/23) 
  • Open/Close Differential – Percent (AFSCME OLCC – Effective upon ratification: 8/21/23) 
  • Drug Recognition Expert – Percent (OSPOA – Effective upon ratification: 8/18/23) 
  • K-9 Handlers – Percent (OSPOA – Effective upon ratification 8/18/23) 


Updated Compensation Allowances: 

  • Critical need differential (AFSCME OSH Physicians – Effective upon ratification: 8/1/23) 
  • Float pool (AFSCME SACU – Effective upon ratification: 8/11/23) 
  • Digital Forensics (OSPOA – Effective upon ratification: 8/18/23) 
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor SEIU (SEIU – Effective upon ratification: 8/22/23) 

Pay Equity

Calculator - Change the default calculation type to 'new employee/new job' instead of 'Review in current position' as agencies are doing far more pay equity assessments for new hires, promotions, and position changes than reviews per an employee request. The calculator will be updated in the next few business days and posted to the link. We will be performing more updates in the coming weeks as a result of bargaining changes, please ensure you are using the link each time you complete a pay equity assessment.

 **Reminder – Pay Equity Office Hours will be October 10, 10:00-11:00 am. 


DONT USE THE PEMS. We are working with agencies to resolve the any outstanding PEM's, so we will be reaching out to agencies soon. Please work with us if you have issues.  

Recruitment - DO NOT RECRUIT FOR PEMS.  Any new recruitment needs to be done in a TOMP or other active classification.  

Upcoming CnC Office Hours
  • Class Study Implementation and Allocation Office Hours
    • Tuesday, October 3rd from 10:00AM - 11:00AM
    • ​Pay Equity Office Hours​
      • Tuesday, October 10th from 10:00AM - 11:00AM
    • Classification Office Hours
      • Tuesday, October 17th from 10:00AM - 11:00AM

    Changes to WOC Pending Reclassification Presentation