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Please note: When training materials apply to both supervisory managers and specialized roles, they are listed on the supervisory managers training webpage.

Before you dive into the resources below, take a moment to learn our terms and review "Getting Started."

  • Job aid: step-by-step instructions for completing a task within Workday.
  • Quick reference guide (QRG): concise overviews and tips for completing tasks.
  • Quick reference video (QRV): screen recording of a task being completed. 

To reference terms previously used in state government and their Workday counterparts, review the Workday terminology crosswalk.​​ 

Please do not rely on previously downloaded copies of the training materials, as they may be outdated. Check this page for the most up-to-date instructions.

​Job aids, guides, videos Revised
​COVID-19 Leave Donation Request, Absence Partner
job aid
Hardship (donated) leave, approve & request on behalf of
​job aid ​05/04/2020
​Family & M​edical Leave – Enter events job aid ​02/21/2019
​Family & Medical Leave - Entering entitlement hours ​job aid​ ​09/17/2019
​Family & Medical Leave - In Progress report QRG ​02/21/2019
​Family & Medical Leave – Overriding leave balances job aid ​02/20/2019
​Family & Medical Leave - Worker report QRG ​02/22/2019
​Leave accrual code, override ​job aid​ 10/15/2019
​Place a worker on leave job aid ​05/05/2020
​Return a worker from leave job aid​ ​04/22/2020​
​Short & long term paid disability, enter
job aid ​10/01/2019

Boards and Commissions
Job aids, guides, videos
Revised date
​Board and Commission Role​, request and remove
​job aid
​Candidate, review, recommend, undo move​
​job aid
​Candidate view for Board Administrator Partner

​Compensation Change, board member
​job aid
​Hire, board member
​job aid
​Required Learning Report
​job aid
​Terminate, board member
​job aid

​​Classification & compensation
​Job aids, guides, videos Revised
​Default compensation change, request
job aid
​Freeze code, compensation​
​job aid​ ​1/25/2021
Pay equity tool report​


​​Reclass, complete



​Job aids, guides, videosRevised
​Help Desk Ticket, create, view, reply
job aid
Workday announcement criteria



​​Workday Issues/Outage​s & Communication



​​Human Capital Management (HCM)
​​Job aids, guides, videos Revised

Benefit Service Date (Salary Eligibility Date), change​

job aid​

​Business process, cancel ​job aid ​10/01/2019
Continuous Service Date (Recognized Service Date), change

job aid​​

​​COVID-19 Requirements, verify
job aid
​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dashboard

job ​​aid​​​
Ethnicity and date of birth change

job aid​

​Ethnicity visual survey

job aid​

​Hire  job aid ​04/15/2020
​Hire, paid intern ​job aid​ ​05/19/2020
​Hire overview
QRG​ 05/20/2019
​Holiday code
​Home contact, change
​job aid
​I-9 process job aid​ ​05/29/2019
​Job Classification codes

job aid​​

​Legal hold ​job aid​ ​08/19/2019
​Legal name, change ​job aid​ ​01/24/2019
Move worker second position


​Payroll Integration Matrix

​​Performance appraisal date, change​​ job aid​ ​​01/15/2019
​PERS class plans - codes QRG​ ​09/20​/2021​
​Probation period



​Probation Period (Trial Service), manage​

​​job aid​​

​Service credit worksheet - report

job aid
​Service date doument 
Service Dates Doc.pdf

​Service type code


​Social Security Number change​

job aid​

Union assignment overview


Union Membership, manage

job aid​​

​W-4 Withholding change report

job aid​​

​Working remotely, HR Partner tasks
​job aid
​Working remotely, Judicial ​HR view


​Job aids, guides, videos
Revised date
​Learning job aids
job aids​

​Job aids, guides, videos Revised
​​Borrowed Leave request, Payroll Partner task ​job aid​ ​03/27/2020
​Hardship (donated) leave process, Payroll Partner task
​job aid ​05/07/2020
Leave pay out request, payroll task

​job aid​​ ​09/30/2019
​Withholding elections, on behalf of

Job aid​​​07/28/2021
​Payment election (direct deposit)
​job aid
​Payroll, what you need to know


​​Position management ​​Job aids, guides, videos Revised
​Additional data, edit ARCR
​job aid

​Budget information
​Cost allocation on worker
QRG​​ ​01/21/2021​
​Default cost center on sup org, edit ​job aid ​01/07/2020
​Organizational assignments, change or add
 job aid​​​​​ ​06/11/2021
​PICS field crosswalk
QRG ​07/08/2020​
​Position, close

job aid​​​​

​Position, create (including non-budgeted)
job aid 
Position, edit - employee data

job aid​​​​​​​​​

​Position ID, find​ QRG​
​Position pending budget approval, prepare​
​QRG​ ​05/03/2021​
​Retroactive changes



​​Recruitment​ ​J​ob aids, guides, videos Revised


​​Application, copy to new requisition​ ​​job aid​​​ ​​07/19/2019
​Application, create an application job aid​ ​08/26/2019
​Application, recruiter review

job aid​

​Assess candidate

job aid​

​Bidding QRG ​07/19/2019
​Candidate, reactivate
​job aid ​10/07/2019
​​Direct appointment, external job aid
​Direct appointment, internal​ job aid ​07/08/2020​
​Duplicate candidate, correct ​job aid​ ​09/24/2020​
Evergreen Requisitions, best practices​
​​Evergreen Requisitions, how to create job aid 
​Evergreen Requisitions, ​which one to use ​​job aid ​07/19/2019
​Hire seasonal worker QRG​ ​10/30/2019
​Job change seasonal worker, different agency ​QRG ​10/29/2019
​Job change seasonal worker, same agency QRG​ ​10/22/2021

​Job, post new​

job aid ​07/19/2019
​Job offer

job aid​

​Merge candidate records ​job aid​ ​12/17​/2020​
​Move candidate to linked requisition ​​job aid ​07/19/2019
​​Move a candidate back a step QRG​ ​07/19/2019
Pre-employment check

job aid​​

​Priority lists, add or edit

job aid​

Priority lists, eligible candidate found​

job aid​​


​Priority lists, filter/sort​


Priority lists, pull
job aid ​07/29/2020​
Prospect & Application, create ​job aid​ ​06/11/2021​
​Questionnaire, copy
​job aid
Questionnaires, create​
job aid ​08/12/2021
​Requisition, close ​job aid ​10/17/2019

Requisition, change compensation​

job aid​ 07/19/2019
​Requisition, create job aid​ ​04/12/2021
Requisition, edit, draft job posting

​job ​aid

​Requisition, set compensation

job aid​

​Talent aquisition dashboard ​job aid​ ​02/04/2020
​Veteran Preference Point, review and award

job aid​​

​   ​

Safety ​Job aids, guides, videos Revised
​​OR-OSHA 300A Log, create
​job aid
​Safety incident, view and update
​job aid​ ​08/12​/2020

​​Security administration​​ ​​Job ai​ds, guides, videos Revised
​Appointing Authority role, request and remove
job a​id
​​Job Management organization, create

job aid​​​

​Move Worker

jo​b aid​​​

​Password/challenge questions, reset for employee - Password Reset Partner and Board Administrator Partner
​job aid

​Passwords/challenge questions, reset and sign on support ​for employee​ - Security Partner

job aid​​

​Protected worker​ ​job aid​ ​01/08/2020
​Reassign task ​job aid ​03/13/2020
Roles, assign

job aid​

​​Roles descriptions

job aid​

​Roles, what you need to know
​QRG​ ​04/26​/2021​
​Security partner role, request and remove ​job aid
​Security roles, request and remove ​job aid​ ​07/15​​​/2020
​Subordinate organization, create

job aid​​

​Superior organization, assign

job aid​

​Supervisory organization, inactivate

job aid​​



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