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Frequently Asked Questions


​Call the help desk at 503-378-3664.​

​Yes, we have Project Managers to assist you in managing projects. If it is a tenant requested project, there is a fee for service. See the DAS Price List of Goods and Services ​for the hourly rate.​

​We are using sustainable earth products that perform as well as competing products which are safe for humans and the environment.​

​Yes, call your building contact person or the help desk at 503-378-3664. This will prevent job injuries due to heavy trash and recycle barrels. ​

​It is possible that we can do this for you. Contact your building contact person.​


​Call the help desk at 503-378-3664. A custodian will be dispatched to reset the breaker. If the breaker reset does not resolve the issue, an electrician will be dispatched to respond and troubleshoot the issue.​

​​Requests are reviewed and assessed to evaluate labor and material costs. Major changes require approval by the DAS Project Authorization Committee. Submit a Project Authorization Form​. ​

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

​The building air filters are inspected once a month on a preventive maintenance schedule. IF the filters are found to be outside the manufacturer's limits, or the filter material is torn, or if there is an excess pressure drop across the filters, then the filters are replaced. ​

​The particles come from dirt that is brought in by foot traffic, paper dust, or other activities within the office. The dirt that you see accumulating on the registers are actually fine dust particles that are being circulated within the room or space. The action of the air being delivered through the diffuser causes the dust particles to electro statically bond to the grille surface and to the ceiling surface next to the supply grilles.​

​Even at cold outdoor temperatures, a minimum quantity of 20 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of outside air per person is provided to the building. The building air is re-circulated and conditioned at the rate of 3 to 4 air changes per hour, during building operation. ​

Key Card and Access 

​A key card coordinator has been assigned to authorize and order key cards and keys for your area. To ensure internal procedures have been followed, contact your manager or supervisor to provide assistance in requesting a key card from your coordinator.​

​​Proper care of your key card or key is essential. Some basic guidelines:
  • ​Do not expose your key card to extreme heat or open flame.
  • Do not crimp, bend, or twist your key card.
  • Do not re-laminate.
  • Do not punch a slot or hole in the key card as it could damage the chip.
  • Do not hold two key cards toward the reader at the same time if you have been assigned key cards for multiple areas. The reader may read the wrong card. 

​Report any lost keys or key card to your supervisor and your key card coordinator immediately. If you or your supervisor do not know who your Key card coordinator is, call 503-373-7001. Someone will direct you to the proper person to contact.​


​Early to mid fall while the plants are still actively growing and again in late spring or early summer if the lawn needs it. We assess the need for fertilizer based on plant health and may opt to use a full, half rate, or none at all in the spring as needed. This is part of our new sustainable practice, to use chemicals as required.​

​The fountains operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week, from July1 through Labor Day (September).​

​In the fall, usually November 1 - 15, before the winter winds and hard freezes set in. In the spring, it is best to wait until after President's Day or February 15 to avoid cane damage.​

Repair Services 

​This should be directed to your building contact person or call the help desk at 503-378-3664. If needed, an estimate will be provided for the requested work. The completed estimate must be approved by an authorized person and returned to DAS. The work will then be scheduled.​

​Call your building contact person or call the help desk at 503-378-3664.​

​The elevator emergency button automatically contacts an answering service, telling the service which building the elevator is located in and which elevator is having the problem. The answering service then contacts the maintenance program during the day and the elevator contractor after normal business hours. During normal business hours, maintenance program will immediately dispatch a staff person to assist the caller. The elevator contractor will be called to assist the caller in getting out of the elevator safely.​

​Contact the help desk at 503-378-3664. We will try to retrieve your item at no charge. If the elevator contractor is called to retrieve your item, the contractor's fee will be billed to the tenant agency.​

Systems Furniture / Interior Project Management

​​Email a completed furniture request form​​ to An interior project manager will meet with you to determine your needs and help you plan a layout that meets your needs. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the project. Once a new layout is approved, the next step is to get an estimate from an installer to determine total cost of the project. Any new furniture or components must be selected and priced also. ​​

​​Current price agreements for systems furniture is located on the Oregon Buys Website​.

​Yes. Systems furniture offers a healthy typing environment, which is the most critical aspect of designing a workstation for computer users. Both the 30 inch deep rectangular work surface and the corner work surface accommodates most computers. The key is to mount the work surface at the appropriate height. Most people need to type at a lower height than that offered by the typical work surface, which is 29 inches. Keyboard trays may be purchased from the manufacturer to mount to the underside of the work surface.​

​Tours of actual workspaces with systems furniture can be arranged by interior project managers. Request a tour by sending an email to​.​​​

​​Email a completed service request form​ to​ and an interiors project manager will be assigned to assist you.​​​

​Costs for Interior Project Management services to tenant agencies are covered by uniform rent. View the current Price List for details. ​

​Yes. We offer services to all state agencies whether in State-owned or leased facilities, and we assist those in outlying areas throughout the state. ​

An interior project manager will assist in locating what you need through our contacts, other agencies, and vendors. ​​​

​Interior project managers assist with determining work surface heights, keyboard tray positions, monitor arm heights, and property sitting positions, but will direct you to Risk Management​ or OSHA​ ​for a more in-depth ergo assessment. ​