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​​​​OregONEligibility system upgrade

The way you apply for benefits and manage your information is getting an upgrade!
The state of Oregon is upgrading the OregONEligibility, or ONE, system that Oregonians use to apply for the Oregon Health Plan and manage their information. Once the upgrade is completed, Oregonians will be able to apply for medical, cash, childcare and food benefits using a single online application.  
This upgrade will be rolled out  across the state in phases that started in July 2020 and finish in February 2021. The new features will not become available to all Oregonians at the same time.
When the ONE system is fully rolled out, Oregonians will have the option to apply online for medical, cash, childcare, and food benefits. They can also continue to apply with a paper application, over the phone or in person for any of these programs at any Self-Sufficiency Programs (SSP), Aging and People with Disabilities, or Area Agency on Aging office in their area that currently provides these benefits.


​​Applicant Portal Overview

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

​​The ONE system upgrade is scheduled for completion by February 2021. That's when Oregonians across the state will have the ability to aply for food, cash, childcare and medical benefits online at one.oregon.gov​, over the phone by callig the ONE Customer Service Center at 1-800-699-9075 (TTY 711) or in person at a local Aging and People with Disabilities, or Self-Sufficiency Programs office. They may also apply through some local Seniors & Disabilities Services and Area Agency on Aging offices; call 1-855-ORE-ADRC for locations that offer these benefits.

ONE will make it possible for Oregonians to apply for multiple programs with one, comprehensive application in the way they like – online, over the phone, or in person at a local Aging and People with Disabilities, Area Agency on Aging or Self-Sufficiency Programs office

Staff can help any Oregonian, anywhere in the state, regardless of program. Oregonians can access their information online 24/7 and staff is available over the phone from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.​ (PST).​

​Your information will remain in the ONE system where you will continue to have online access to it 24/7. If you need help from a staff member, you’ll need to call us rather than visiting a local office in an area that has not yet converted to the ONE system. 

Yes. The state is performing testing throughout implementation. For the first time, we performed office simulation where staff used real-life scenarios to make sure the system works as we intended.

When the new ONE system launches, it will have been thoroughly tested and our workers will have been thoroughly trained.

Still, we know that some Oregonians may experience longer wait times as our workers gain proficiency with ONE and their new workflows. Some people may find it takes longer to process their cases the first time in ONE. 

​Today, Oregonians from anywhere in the State can apply for medical benefits online with the upgraded ONE Applicant Portal

In addition, residents in the green counties on the map below can:
  • Apply for cash, childcare, food and medical benefits at one time.
  • Apply safely online, by phone or in-person.
  • Apply at either the APD or SSP office in SSP office in these counties.

The ONE system will be fully available to all Oregonians—including the blue counties—on February 1, 2021.*

ONE System Map

*Older adults and people with disabilities in Tillamook and Clatsop Counties may also contact NorthWest Senior and Disability Services (NWSDS) offices in Warrenton and Tillamook. Visit NWSDS.org for more information about their services