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The Oregon Needs Assessment is the tool that will replace the assessment tools that have been used in the past. The ONA is now being used to assess functional needs and determine level of care. The ONA will also determine if a person is eligible for their qualified PSW to receive enhanced or exceptional pay rates. The ONA is used to identify potential risks and will be used to produce a Risk Report. 
image showing the components of ONA: level of care, functional needs assessment and enhanced exceptional assessment

Certified Assessors are trained specifically in completing assessments. Assessors have distinct responsibilities separate from case managers. Assessors will complete the ONA based on information gathered during the file review, the face-to-face observation and through interviews with knowledgeable people within the person’s life, including the case manager.  


Assessors must be trained to complete ONAs. ODDS has scheduled trainings around Oregon to train assessors.

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Communicating with individuals and families

Assessors and case managers should work together to help individuals and their families through this change. ODDS has created a webpage about the Compass Project to help answer their questions. ODDS prepared additional resources for Case Managers and Assessors to use when talking about the ONA with individuals and their families.

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