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Personnel Information

The following forms are for personnel and fire agency changes. Click the links below for more information on personnel affiliations, separations, new Fire Chief, Training Officer, and/or Authorized Signer notifications, as well as fire service agency updates.

PAF - Word Version

PAF - PDF Version

For video tutorial on how to fill out a PAF, please click here.

For a quick how-to quide on filling out a PAF, see our PAF Stay In'Formed' Guide.

According to Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 259-009-0010, PAF's are submitted by the Agency Head/Fire Chief, Training Officer or an Authorized Signer for the purpose of adding, removing, and updating a fire service professional's DPSST record. All applicable sections must be completed.  The first step to becoming affiliated with an Oregon Fire Service Agency is to complete and submit a Personnel/Agency Form (PAF) or E-1 Form for this (see below for more information on the E-1 Form). The PAF is also used to update fire service personnel's agency status and update agency information such as address, phone number, email address, Fire Chief, Training Officer, and Authorized Signer.

A PAF must be submitted to DPSST within thirty (30) business days of affiliation. It is designed to maintain a current and accurate agency roster at all times. The PAF must be signed by an Agency Head/Fire Chief, Training Officer or an Authorized Signer.

E-1 - Word Version

E-1 - PDF Version

For video tutorial on how to fill out an E-1 Form, please click here.

For a quick how-to tutorial on filling out an E-1 Form, see our E-1 Stay In'Formed' Guide.

There are two options for a fire service agency to affiliate a fire service professional to DPSST: the E-1 and the PAF. The E-1 Form can be used to affiliate a new firefighter to your department if you will require this individual to apply for DPSST fire certifications in the future. This means that the fingerprint process can be completed at the time of submitting an E-1 Form instead of waiting until submission of an Application for Certification. When DPSST receives an E-1, DPSST staff will verify that the applicant meets the minimum standards for certification as defined in OAR 259-009-0059 by conducting DPSST’s fingerprint-based criminal history check. Any criminal convictions discovered during this check will be handled in accordance with the rules for revocation and denial found in OAR 259-009-0120 through 259-009-0130.

If a PAF is used to affiliate a fire service professional to an agency when DPSST certification is not required at the time of affiliation. No fingerprints or payments are required at the time of PAF submission. However, if the agency later applies for a certification for that fire service professional, a completed fingerprint card and fingerprint fee payment may be required.

The use a PAF or E-1 Form to affiliate new employees is up to each individual fire service agency. Agencies should use the form that works best for their own departments.

Agency Merger/Name Change Form - Word Version

Agency Merger/Name Change From - PDF Version

This form is only used for the purposes of either changing an agency name or merging multiple agencies together. It is the responsibility of the agency head to submit this document to DPSST prior to the name change or agency merger. When merging multiple agencies together, each agency participating in the merger is responsible to complete and submit this form to DPSST. DPSST recommends this action is taken thirty (30) days prior to the change. If changing your fire agency name, please complete the form and submit it to DPSST. We also request you send official letterhead reflecting the change in name for our records.


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