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Fingerprint Requirement Information

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) prohibit fire service professionals who have been convicted of disqualifying crimes from holding NFPA, NWCG or Oregon-specific fire service certifications in the state. In order to ensure that applicants for fire service certification have not been convicted of disqualifying crimes, DPSST must conduct a state and national criminal background check. A part of this background check requires any applicant for fire service certification who has never been fingerprinted for the purposes of certification, be fingerprinted.

Completion of the fingerprint requirement must be done at the time of submitting an E-1 Form or an Application for Certification. DPSST cannot accept fingerprints at any other time. The fingerprint requirement is a one-time requirement for purposes of certification. If you have already completed the requirement for DPSST fire certification purposes, you do not need to complete it again. To determine if you have fulfilled this requirement, please see the Information Resource Inquiry System (IRIS).

Three Options to Complete Fingerprints



LiveScan is an inkless electronic fingerprinting method in which fingerprints are scanned and saved as a digital image. When done properly, LiveScan can have a greater success rate than the traditional ink method. LiveScan is not available in all areas. When using the Livescan method, please have the fingerprint technician print your fingerprints on a physical card to be submitted to DPSST.


Submit electronic fingerprints via Filedprint, Inc (Fieldprint). Fieldprint provides all aspects of the fingerprinting process from electronic collection to sending the collected fingerprints to OSP/FBI for processing - eliminating the need for submission of a fingerprint card. In addition, Fieldprint offers nationwide fingerprinting services within a reasonable distance from any location. Fieldprint's current fee for their services is $12.50 which will be charged when making your appointment. Please visit for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Firefighters will need to use the following code when scheduling an appointment: FPORDPSFireCertDAS

If you are a Private Security provider, please click here for your Fieldprint information and code. Using the incorrect code could result in you having to redo your fingerprints and will include repayment of the electronic fingerprint fee charged by Fieldprint.​

Three Options to Pay Fingerprint Fee

The fingerprint fee is currently $40.00 and will increase to $46.25 on September 1, 2021. The following are options to fulfill this payment.

Checks or money orders can be made out to DPSST.

Visa or Mastercard can be used by filling out the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Volunteer firefighters may be eligible to qualify for the Fingerprint Request for Financial Assistance. Fill out this form and submit in lieu of payment

Fingerprint Frequently Asked Questions

Current statute and administrative rule prohibits fire service professionals who have been convicted of certain crimes from holding NFPA, NWCG, or Oregon-specific fire service certifications in the state (please refer to OAR 259-009-0120 for more information). This prohibition applies to Oregon convictions as well as convictions in another state of a crime that, if committed in this state, would constitute a disqualifying crime. In order to ensure that applicants for fire service certification have not been convicted of disqualifying crimes, DPSST must conduct a state and national criminal background check.

Individuals applying for a DPSST fire service certification or submitting an E-1 Form after December 29, 2014 who have never been fingerprinted for certification purposes will be required to submit fingerprints to DPSST.

No. Not unless an application for a new fire service certification is submitted.

Yes. Unfortunately, due to privacy laws fingerprints are not retained by the Oregon State Police (OSP) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so the previous prints have most likely been destroyed. Additionally, agencies cannot share an applicant's background information with one another. The only way for us to run our required criminal background check is to submit another set of prints.

Fingerprinting services are available through most state and county law enforcement departments and can often be found under "fingerprinting" in the yellow pages or by conducting an Internet search. Many fingerprint rolling service providers require an appointment so please check with the facility.

Electronic fingerprint services are also available through Fieldprint. You will need to schedule an appointment by visiting Fieldprint Oregon.

The fingerprinting fee is $40.00. This fingerprint criminal history check fee is to recover the costs charged to DPSST for administering the fingerprint check through OSP and FBI. Payment can be made with a check or money order made out to DPSST or with VISA or MasterCard by using the Credit Card Authorization Form. Additionally, DPSST offers a grant to cover this fee for volunteer fire service professionals. Simply fill out and submit the Fingerprint Request for Financial Assistance form along with the applicant's fingerprints.

Fingerprint rolling fees may also be charged by the facility in which you have chosen to have your fingerprints taken. The fingerprinting fee is separate from the fees charged by DPSST and shall be paid directly to the facility for providing the fingerprint services. Fees for ink or LiveScan fingerprinting services through these facilities may vary. DPSST utilizes Fieldprint to provide electronic fingerprint capture services. Fieldprint offers services nationwide and the current fingerprint scanning fee is $12.50.

Applicants have 90 days after their fingerprint request packet is sent to the agency to submit their fingerprints before their certification is rejected.

DPSST forwards the fingerprint card to OSP to run a statewide and national (FBI) criminal history check. The results are then sent to DPSST. Once received, DPSST will review the applicant’s criminal history, if any, and make a certification eligibility determination. If an individual is unable to be certified due to a criminal conviction, the agency will be notified. *Criminal history (fingerprint) results requested for the purposes of certification are not shared with employers, law enforcement agencies, etc.

There are several reasons that OSP may determine prints are unreadable, such as smudged prints, too much ink, etc. In these cases, OSP/FBI will send the rejected prints back to DPSST with an Applicant Fingerprint Rejection Form detailing the reasons for rejection. DPSST will then forward that information to the fire service agency along with a new fingerprint packet and fingerprint rejection letter with further instructions on how to resubmit prints. If the fingerprint technician charged a fee for rolling and the prints are rejected, some technicians may roll the second set for free. Bring the technician the original rejected card along with the Applicant Fingerprint Rejection Form. In order to prevent rejected prints, DPSST highly recommends that fire service agencies work with local law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s offices to get individual’s prints rolled.

Once the fingerprint results are obtained from the OSP and FBI, DPSST will continue to process applications on the regular cycle (every first and third Thursday of the month).

No. The fingerprint requirement applies to applicants for new certifications or the submission of an E-1 Form only.


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