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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Oregon Adult Learner Outreach Toolkit: Multilingual Resources for Institutions and Partners

The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is pleased to share a toolkit of marketing resources to help Oregon postsecondary education institutions and partners to en​gage adult learners of color in their postsecondary education and workforce training goals.  The Oregon Adult Learner Outreach toolkit includes a set of messages and document that may be effective with adult learners from communities of color and other Oregonians interested in starting or restarting in a postsecondary education or training program.  ​The goal of this toolkit is to help institutions and partners improve outreach to Oregonians from underrepresented communities of color with research-informed messaging focused on decreasing barriers to enrollment and completion, changing narratives that discourage access, a​nd improving strategies for retention.  Institutions and partners are encouraged to choose the messages that best suit their needs and audiences, and customize them to speak to their own offerings.

The toolkit includes a set of messages, a 2-page handout, and multiple social media images and messages. ​See the downloadable social media images in multiple formats to the right.Image of 2-page handout for adult learners

Customizable Messages for Institutions and Partners​ (English)

2-page Outreach Hand-out for Adult Learners​​ (English) 

The toolkit is now also available in multiple languages:


This work was supported by the Talent, Innovation, and Equity (“TIE”) partnership grant awarded to HECC in 2018 from Lumina Foundation to help eliminate disparities in postsecondary success rates between Oregon’s overall student population and African-American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander learners, with a particular focus on adult learners of color. The outreach toolkit was developed by a communications contractor procured by the HECC, in consultation with HECC staff involved with the TIE Partnership grant. The messages were informed by focus group research that HECC sponsored in 2019-2020 to determine the barriers to enrollment and completion facing adults from underrepresented populations in Oregon.  See below the 2020 report on focus group research with adult learners performed by researchers at Southern Oregon University and Portland State University:

Social Media Outreach Images for Download

Direct links to English language images are below. These messages and ​the full toolkit are now also available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Chuukese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  ​See the multilingual toolkit links to the left.​

Outreach illustration - Yes you can be a parent or guardian and a student

Message 1: Yes you can be a parent or guardian and a student

Image 1​ Twitter | Image 1 Faceb​ook | Image 1 Instagram | Image 1 LinkedIn

​​Outreach illustration - College and training can fit into your schedule

Message 2: College and training can fit into your life and your schedule

Image 2​ Twitter | Image 2 Faceb​ook | Image 2 Instagram | Image 2 LinkedIn

Outreach illustration - A degree or certificate can boost your career or incomeMessage 3: A degree or certificate can boost your career or income​

Image 3​ Twitter | Image 3 Faceb​ook | Image 3 Instagram | Image 3 LinkedIn

Outreach illustration - There is a college or traning program for you

Message 4:  There is a college or training program for you

Image 4​ Twitter | Image 4 Faceb​ook | Image 4 Instagram​ | Image 4​ LinkedIn​​

Outreach illustration - Financial assistance can make your college affordable

Message 5: Financial assistance can make your college affordable

Image 5​ Twitter | Image 5 Faceb​ook | Image 5 Instagram | Image 5 LinkedIn​​

College outreach illustration - College is here for you now

Message 6:​ College is here for you now

Image 6​ Twitter | Image 6 Faceb​ook | Image 6 Instagram | Image 6 LinkedIn​​

Outreach illustration - It's never too late to finish college

Message 7: It's never too late to finish college

Image 7​ Twitter | Image 7 Faceb​ook | Image 7 Instagram | Image 7 LinkedIn

Outreach illustration - There is no one way to be a college student
Message 8: There is no one way to be a college student

Image 8​ Twitter | Image 8 Faceb​ook | Image 8 Instagram | Image 8 LinkedIn

Message 9:​​​​ ​College and career opportunity is here for you​

Image 9​ Twitter | Image 9 Faceb​ook | Image 9 Instagram | Image 9 LinkedIn​​​

Outreach illustraiton - You know your children's education is important. Yours is too.

Message 10: You know your children's education is important. Yours is too.

Image 10​ Twitter | Image 10 Faceb​ook | Image 10 Instagram | Image 10 LinkedIn

Outreach illustration - everyone's educational path looks different

Message 11: ​Everyone's educational path looks different. Find yours.

Image 11​ Twitter​ ​| Image 11 Faceb​ook​ | Image 11 Instagram | Image 11 LinkedIn​​​​​​

NOTE: HECC also have versions of the English language social media images without the HECC logo available upon request for O​regon partners (email; we ask that the HECC be cited in some way if you use the version without the logo.​