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Housing Accountability and Production Office

The Housing Accountability and Production Office (HAPO) is a new initiative established under the governor’s housing production package, also known as Senate Bill 1537. 

This legislation, passed during Oregon’s 2024 legislative session, has entrusted the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) to address the diverse housing needs of Oregon communities. 

What We Do
Ensure Implementation of State Housing Laws

We partner with local governments and housing developers to navigate the complexities of state housing laws related to land use and permitting. Our services include providing funding, guidance, and technical support to minimize barriers to housing production and ensure compliance with state laws and regulations.

We approach compliance concerns with a spirit of collaboration and problem-solving. HAPO investigates complaints to identify ways local governments may have challenges meeting state housing laws. If a violation is found, we prioritize offering technical support, model codes, and resources to local governments to address it. The Oregon Legislature gave enforcement authority allowing DLCD to take direct action to ensure compliance over time.

As we stand up the program, DLCD and DCBS will determine procedures for receiving and assessing complaints.

Coordinating State Agencies

HAPO partners with various state agencies involved in housing development to identify technical and financial resources that can overcome challenges and unlock opportunities for housing production through policymaking.

Providing Studies, Research, and Guidance

The Legislature directs HAPO to create various reports, guidance documents, and materials to support housing production, including:

  • Model codes outlining best practices for regulating local housing development.
  • Ready-build plans designed for local adoption, to streamline the approval processes.
  • Studies to identify barriers and opportunities within current land use policies and state agency plans. 
Our goal is to pave the way for innovative solutions that enhance housing affordability and accessibility for all Oregonians.

Empowering Communities Through Housing

After July 1, 2025, HAPO will be able to receive and respond to official inquiries, requests, and complaints from local governments and housing developers. DLCD and DCBS are actively working on staffing and operational tasks to meet this deadline. In the interim, DLCD and DCBS will engage local governments, builders, and advocates to establish the structures and practices of the office. The agencies have $4 million in technical assistance in the form of grant funds to support updates and fixes to local government residential zoning codes that remove regulatory barriers to housing production, affordability, and choice.

Stay Informed

Whether you are a local government official, a housing developer, or a concerned community member, we're here to support you in Oregon's housing recovery.

Oregonians can stay updated as we work towards the goal of promoting housing accountability and production in Oregon!


Ethan Stuckmayer
Housing Division Manager
Phone: 503-302-0937