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Goal 1: Citizen Involvement

Close up of a man attending a public meetingPublic involvement is a required part of land use planning in Oregon. This requirement is one of the things that make Oregon's land use planning program unique. The requirement for public participation is written in the first goal of nineteen in the statewide land use planning system.

Goal 1 calls for "the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process." It requires each city and county to have a citizen involvement program that addresses:

  1. Opportunities for widespread public involvement
  2. Effective two-way communication with the public
  3. The ability for the public to be involved in all phases of the planning process
  4. Making technical information easy to understand
  5. Feedback mechanisms for policy-makers to respond to public input, and
  6. Adequate financial support for public involvement efforts

The goal also calls for local governments to have a committee for citizen involvement (CCI) to monitor and encourage public participation in planning.

DLCD provides a staff liaison to the Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee (CIAC). The CIAC advises the Land Conservation and Development Commission on matters related to Goal 1. DLCD also provides staff to answer questions about public participation in the land use planning process for local governments and members of the public.

Adopted: 12/27/74; Effective: 1/25/75
Amended: 2/17/88; Effective: 3/31/88

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Administrative Rules that implement Goal 1:



Oregon's Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee
Putting the People in Planning


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