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History of Land Use Planning

Program History

Oregonians in the 1960s and '70s became concerned as they watched rapid population growth begin to take place around the state. Lawmakers responded with Senate Bill 100, which Governor Tom McCall signed into law in 1973. At that time, farming and timber harvesting were the state’s largest industries and many Oregonians thought eventual development of land for new homes and industries would displace these economic engines. SB 100 tied local planning to a set of guiding statewide principles. The new law created the Land Conservation and Development Commission to craft the rules that guide the system. May 2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of Oregon's Land Use Planning Program.

People and the Land: An Oral History of Oregon's Statewide Land Use Planning Program

Historical Milestones

Early 20th Century

1960s and '70s

1980s and '90s

21st Century

New Legislative Land Use Actions

Each legislative session, new legislation is passed that has enduring outcomes for our land use system. Most changes are small, but some are significant. Significant milestones like those above will be included in the department timeline as they occur. Minor legislative actions are captured in the DLCD Legislative Report, written after the end of a legislative session. These reports are written to inform stakeholders and counties of land use related bills that might require a city or county to update its code for compliance. Go to the Legislative Information page to see the report and other related information.