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Housing Resources

Planning to fulfill the housing needs of all Oregonians is more crucial than ever. DLCD encourages cities to provide abundant housing for Oregonians of all income levels. Goal 10 provides planning guidelines for addressing the housing needs of local communities. The guidelines, tools, and resources below were collected to assist local planners in the implementation of Goal 10. Additionally, DLCD is administering a new pilot program to boost affordable housing in Oregon as directed by the Oregon legislature in 2016.

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Oregon Housing Planning Project

In 2018, the Oregon Legislature allocated $1.73 million to the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) for housing planning technical assistance in House Bill 4006. The bill allocates funding "for the purpose of providing technical assistance to local governments in increasing the affordability of housing." Funding from this program must be expended by June 30, 2019. For more information about this project, go to the Oregon Housing Planning Project page.

Affordable Housing Pilot Program

In late 2017, DLCD selected two cities to participate in an affordable housing pilot program. In short, this program will allow the selected cities to expand their urban growth boundary (UGB) to develop affordable housing without going through the normal UGB expansion process. To learn more details, go to the Affordable Housing Pilot Program page.

Space-Efficient Housing

Intended or not, many zoning codes in Oregon tend to encourage development of large, detached homes to the exclusion of anything else. Yet, researchers found that denser housing configurations that are combined with an appropriate mix of other uses produce more walkable and less auto-oriented neighborhoods.

A report from the Transportation and Growth Management program (TGM) builds on research of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in identifying ways to reduce carbon and energy impacts of housing. The environmental agency found that building smaller homes was among the best ways to reduce that impact.

The Space-Efficient Housing page provides a summary of this report, recommendations for specific housing types, and links to download a copy of the report.

Manuals and Toolkits

Research on Housing

Additional Resources

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