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Reporting for Housing

Large Cities

All Oregon cities with a population greater than 10,000 are required by the legislature to report on housing production. These reports for housing produced in the immediately preceding calendar year are made annually to DLCD, and are due no later than February 1st of the following year. Reporting must include the total number of units permitted (building permits issued) and produced (temporary or final certificate of occupancy issued) for the following types of housing:

  1. Residential units.
  2. Regulated affordable residential units.
  3. Multifamily residential units.
  4. Regulated affordable multifamily residential units.
  5. Single-family units.
  6. Regulated affordable single-family units.

DLCD provides a HB4006 Permitted and Produced Units Reporting Template for cities to use for this required reporting.

Large, Severely Rent-Burdened Cities

In addition to the reporting requirement above, House Bill 4006 (2018) requires cities greater than 10,000 in population, or "larger cities", with severely rent-burdened households to complete a survey and to hold a public meeting to discuss the causes of severe rent burdens, the barriers to reducing rent burdens, and possible solutions. "Severe rent burden" or "severely rent burdened" is the circumstance where a household spends more than 50 percent of the household income on gross rent for housing. A "severely rent burdened city" is a city where at least 25 percent of the renter households in the city are severely rent burdened. The Oregon Housing and Community Services Department is charged with notifying severely rent-burdened communities of this obligation every year.

These requirements are a result of HB 4006 (2018) and implementing rules adopted by Oregon Housing and Community Services (OAR-813-112-0000), effective October 24, 2018.

Other Reporting - Residential Land Use Decisions

Please note that Oregon cities with populations greater than 25,000, as well as Metro, are required to report on residential land use permits and residential zone changes per ORS 197.178. More information on these requirements can be found on the City and County Required Reports webpage.


DLCD has created instructions on how to complete the survey to assist local governments.

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Gordon Howard
Community Services Division Manager
Phone: 503-934-0034

Kim Travis
Housing Integrator
Phone: 503-428-3843

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