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Goal 19: Ocean Resources

Crabbing boats line up in a dock.Oregonians have long recognized the diverse ocean resources offered just past the shoreline. The Pacific Ocean offers both commercial and recreational opportunity, and has a profound impact on Oregon's identity. Statewide Planning Goal 19 addresses matters related to open ocean resources and aims "to conserve the long-term values, benefits, and natural resources of the nearshore ocean and the continental shelf."

Goal 19 deals with matters such as dumping dredge spoils and discharge of waste products into the open sea, and prioritizes the protection of renewable marine resources over the development of non-renewable resources. It outlines state interest in conserving resources within the Ocean Stewardship Area, which includes Oregon's territorial sea out to 3 nautical miles as well as the continental margin seaward to the toe of the continental slope, and adjacent ocean areas.

Goal 19 was updated in late 2000 by the Land Conservation and Development Commission. Since 1977 this goal has guided Oregon's policy and management of ocean resources. This is one of the most pertinent "applicable element" of the Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) referred to in the law.

The Ocean Policies in Context

State statutes and state agency programs that relate to ocean resources are often extensions of programs or statutes that also cover the terrestrial portion of the coastal zone. A description of most of these is provided in Part 1 of the Territorial Sea Plan.

Original Adoption: 12/18/76; Effective: 6/7/77
Amended: 10/11/84; Effective: 10/19/84
Amended: 12/1/00; Effective: 1/30/01

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Administrative Rules that implement Goal 19:

OAR 660-036 – Ocean Planning


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