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Statutes & Rules Relating to the Practice of Psychology

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are laws enacted by the legislature to provide policy, mandates and permissive laws.

The Board of Psychology Statutes:

ORS Chapter 675
ORS 675.010 - 675.150 - PSYCHOLOGISTS

- Defines the practice of psychology
- Licensure requirements and exemptions
- Investigations, enforcement procedures, sanctions & civil penalties
- Powers and structure of the Board
Statutes Pertaining to the Practice of Psychology:
- ORS Ch. 40, Oregon Evidence Code (Privileges)
     Rule 504, Psychotherapist – Patient Privilege; Rule 504-5, Communications Revealing Intent to
     Commit Certain Crimes; Rule 507-1, Certified advocate-victim privilege; Rule 511, Waiver of
     privilege by voluntary disclosure
- ORS 107.154, Authority of Parent when Other Parent Granted Sole Custody of Child
- ORS 109.672 – 109.695, Rights of Minors
- ORS 124.050 – 124.095, Reporting of Abuse of Elderly Persons
- ORS 137.765 – 137.771, Sexually Violent Dangerous Offenders
- ORS 179.495 – 179.508, Inmate Records
- ORS 192.515 - 192.517, Records of Individuals with Disability or Mental Illness
- ORS 192.553 – 192.581, Protected Health Information
     See also, HIPAA (45 C.F.R. parts 160 and 164 )
- ORS 419B.005 – 419B.050, Reporting of Child Abuse
- ORS 419B.195, Counsel
- ORS Ch. 426, Persons with Mental Illness; Sexually Dangerous Persons
- ORS 430.731 – 430.768, Abuse Reporting for Mentally Ill or Developmentally Disabled Persons
- ORS 609.650 – 609.654, Reporting of Animal Abuse
- ORS Ch. 676, Health Professionals Generally
     Doctor Title Act- regulates use of the title “doctor”
     Duty to report prohibited or unprofessional conduct
     Processing of complaints against health professionals

Administrative Rules
The Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) are an agency’s directives, standards, regulations or statements of general applicability that implement, interpret or prescribe law or policy or describe a procedure or practice requirement.
OBOP Administrative Rules (OARs)- Chapter 858 
- Division 10 - Procedural Rules: Includes educational requirements for licensure and application process.
- Division 20 - Complaints, Investigations, and Contested Case Hearings.
- Division 30 - Fees.
- Division 40 - Continuing Education.

* Recently filed rules can be found below:

APA Ethical Principles of Psychology and Code of Conduct
Adopted as the code of conduct for psychologists and psychologist associates in Oregon (OAR 858-010-0075).

Statute and Rule Books
Download the most current versions of the statute/rule books:
  • OBOP Statutes, Rules, and Ethical Principles.  Includes: Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 675- Psychologists (2017); Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 858; APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. 
  • Statutes Pertaining to the Practice of Psychology. Oregon Revised Statutes (2017). Includes: Psychotherapist/Patient Privilege; Intent to Commit Certain Crimes; Authority of non-custodial parent; Rights of Minors; Elderly Abuse Reporting; Patient Records; Protected Health Information; Child Abuse Reporting; Placement of Child or Ward; Court-Appointed Counsel; Persons with Mental Illness; Chronically Mentally Ill Persons; Sexually Dangerous Persons; Abuse Reporting for Mentally Ill or Developmentally Disabled Persons; Animal Abuse Reporting.

To order printed copies 
Please send your request along with payment of $5 per book (make check payable to "OBOP") to: 

3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 130
Salem, OR 97302