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Qualified Person & Professional Wills

Qualified Person

OAR 858-010-0060 mandates that all licensees must notify the Board of a "qualified person" (or "QP") who will intercede for client welfare, maintain and access client records to ensure confidentiality, and make necessary referrals in the case of death or incapacity of the licensee. The qualified person must be an active or semi-active Oregon licensed psychologist.
Licensees submit the name of their qualified person via the Licensee Portal.  Click the "Qualified Person" link from the left-side menu, and click "Add New."

Qualified Person Guideline & Agreement- a helpful resource for making arrangements with your qualified person.

Q & A

Q: What if my employer maintains the records?
A:   If you do not own any client records (i.e. your place of work owns them), you will need to select "I work or have worked for an organization that will supply client record referrals" in the online Qualified Person designation form described above.  You will be prompted to enter name of the organization and contact information for the organization's records custodian so that we can refer clients if ever necessary.
Q: What if my QP is no longer available to serve, retires, or places their license on inactive status?
A: Licensees are required by law to keep the Board updated with the name of their qualified person.  Please update the Board with any change in your qualified person simply by submitting a new online form.  You will need a new QP if yours is no longer an active or semi-active psychologist, you have chosen someone else for this role, or if you begin work at another organization or enter private practice.
Q: What if I don't have any client records?
A: Some licensees will not have client records because they are newly licensed and have not yet began practicing, have been on inactive status for some time and no longer have client records (past the 7 year retention), or have not practiced in an area that involves client records.  You will need to select "I have no client Records" in the online Qualified Person designation form described above. You must designate a QP if your situation changes such that you maintain client records.
Q: Can my QP be someone who is not an active or semi-active Oregon licensed psychologist?
A: No.  The law is specific as to who may be designated.

Professional Wills

Oregon law also requires that psychologists and psychologist associates make necessary arrangements for maintenance of and access to client records to ensure confidentiality in case of death or incapacity of the licensee. Once a qualified person has been identified to the Board, the next step is to make arrangements to provide all the necessary information to your qualified person.
The following resources are provided to help with this process: