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Request Records

Online Verifications

Use our online lookup to quickly search for:

  • Licensed Psychologists
  • Licensed Psychologist Associates
  • Limited Permit Holders (Visitors and Temporary)
  • Psychologist Residents
  • Psychologist Associate Residents
  • Applicants

Official License Verification

The cost for a certified verification of licensure is $5. To make a request, please include:

  1. The date of the request;
  2. Contact information for the person requesting the verification;
  3. The name and address you would like the verification sent to (if different);
  4. The name of the licensee for which you are requesting verification; and
  5. A check made payable to OBOP for $5.
The standard verification is on official agency letterhead and includes name, initial licensure date and current expiration date, license number, type, and status, and whether there is a National Practitioner Databank (NPDB) reportable board action.

Licensees: if your other jurisdiction requires that a specific form be completed to verify your credentials, please submit that form to our office along with the $5 fee.

Send requests to: 
3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 130
Salem, OR 97302

List Requests

To request a list of licensees/residents/applicants: 
List Request Form

You may specify the type of information you wish to receive, and the delivery format (paper or electronic).

Request for Transfer of File

The cost for a certified transfer of application information is $20. To request information from your OBOP application or licensure file, please use this form:
You may specify delivery to yourself or another party (for example, another state licensing board) and in paper or PDF format.

General Public Records Request

Requests must include:
  1. The date of the request;
  2. The name and address of the person requesting the public record;
  3. The telephone number or other contact information for the person requesting the public record; and
  4. A sufficiently detailed description of the record(s) requested to allow OBOP to search for and identify responsive records. Please also specify the preferred format and delivery method.


  • Disciplinary action records. E.g., copies public documents including  notices and final orders issued by the Board. $2.50 for the first 5 copies; $0.25 for each copy thereafter.
  • Cumulative Disciplinary Report. Summary list; includes name of respondent, license number, date of Board action, complaint number, and case status. $7.50.
  • Student loan deferment letter.  Typically requested by residents to be sent to their student loan servicer. $5.
  • Electronic file of mailing labels. Please use our List Request form (above). $35.
  • Duplicating requests, including copying and mailing. General requests for public records. $2.50 for the first 5 copies; $.25 for each copy thereafter.
  • Transfer of application/licensure information. Please use our Transfer of Application/License Information Request Form (above). $20.
  • Audio recording of a public meeting (CD). Make sure to specify the date of the meeting requested. $15.

Send requests with payment to: 
3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 130
Salem, OR 97302
Fax: 503-374-1904

Method of Payment

Check or money order only, made payable to "BOP."  Cards and e-payments are not accepted.

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