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Curb Ramp Engineering

ODOT worker testing curb ramp design with wheelchair user. When curb ramps are included in a project, ODOT requires several processes to ensure the constructed curb ramp will comply with accessibility requirements. The processes are summarized in the ODOT ADA Curb Ramp Process document.
  • Design shall meet the criteria in the ADA Curb Ramp Design Checklist.
  • Design detail sheet shall be provided for each corner.
  • Constructed curb ramps must be inspected using an ODOT curb ramp inspection form to document compliance with accessibility requirements.
  • The standards for the design of curb ramps are in the Highway Design Manual. 
  • The ADA Curb Ramp Design Checklist is a companion aid for design.


Technical Requirements

  • Curb Ramp Design Checklist
    • Exhibit B - Curb ramp style companion document. Please note: Standard drawings and the design manual must be used to design curb ramps.
    • Exhibit D - Illustrates the gutter flow slope requirements, based on the intersection control type.
  • ADA Curb Ramp Design Exceptions
  • RD16-01(B) - ADA Curb Ramp Design Exception Form and ADA Curb Ramp Guidance
  • RD17-01(B) - ADA Sidewalk Curb Ramp Detail: Minimum Requirements in Construction Plans
  • TSB18-03(D) - Curb Ramp Scoping and Right of Way
  • RD21-01(A) - Curb Ramp Gutter Flow Slop Design and Design Exceptions
  • RD21-01(B) - Location of Crosswalks on State Highways


External References

ADA Program Funded 2021-2024 Design Guidance

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