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We look ahead to see what transportation will be like in the future. And then we help plan a way for us to get there. We take data and technology and work with people as we solve problems and plan for how we will get around in years to come.

What We Do

We help all Oregonians get where they need to go using their preferred method of transport. We channel money to projects that build roads, bridges, bikeways, bus stops and more. Our team also focuses on making sure people can get around by walking and biking, and that the transportation system supports sustainability, tourism, recreation and the economy.

We help people and communities throughout the state reach their goals, such as improving traveler safety and comfort for bikes on roadways, and making the air cleaner. Our team provides guidance, assistance, and funds to help others to achieve these and other goals. The funds we deal with come from both the federal and state government through sources like gas taxes and lottery dollars.

We seek to be good stewards of federal and state funds. We make sure that money gets to the right people within our agency and other local agencies, large or small. For example, we work with folks from the City of Portland (large) to the City of Maupin (small).

We are currently promoting our new ride-matching software, Get There, overseeing the Safe Routes to Schools grant program to increase safety near schools, supporting tourism by managing the Scenic Byways Program, seeking better options for getting to popular recreation areas and studying how to improve the Oregon Coast Bike Route. We collaborate closely with other state agencies such as Travel Oregon and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We show integrity by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards as we provide funds to increase transportation options. We focus on increasing equity in our state by improving access to services, employment, etc. for all Oregonians.

Degrees or Experience We Look For

We look for degrees in planning, business or public administration, social science, civil engineering, architecture, economics, geography and related fields.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • System improvement specialists
  • Economists
  • Planners
  • Program managers
Two employees looking at a Salem area commuter map

​​What We Do

We work with elected officials and others to develop statewide transportation plans and recommend smart investment choices. One of these plans is the Oregon Transportation Plan, which addresses the future needs of Oregon’s airports, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, highways and roadways, pipelines, ports and waterway facilities, public transportation and railroads for the next 20 years.

Our work focuses on improving things like safety, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and improving access and mobility for individuals and freight. We accomplish these and other goals by developing and implementing modeling tools at the state, regional, and local level. We use these tools to analyze the long-range effects of transportation decisions on travel behavior, transportation system performance, land use, and the economy. In addition, we manage grant programs that help communities with transportation planning activities focused on increasing transportation choices as well as infrastructure construction to improve non-highway focused freight systems and facilities. We are the statewide experts for transportation planning process and rules as well as transportation system analysis, modeling and performance measurement and monitoring.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We demonstrate integrity by recommending the best use of public funds and unity by ensuring alignment in work throughout the agency and with others outside of the department.

Degrees and Experience We Look For

We often hire those with degrees in planning, engineering, science, economics or social science. Our employees must be good at listening to different viewpoints and finding a path that is the best for the future of transportation in Oregon.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • Transportation planners​​
  • Transportation engineers

Six employees standing outside looking at and discussing a map

​What We Do

We are the innovators at ODOT! Our group researches, develops, tests and evaluates new products, materials, methods and processes. We work with universities and specialized labs to apply the scientific method to transportation issues. We look for new solutions to problems in the following areas:

  • Fixing and managing the roads.
  • The geology and geography of the land under our roads.
  • The environmental impacts of transportation on the environment and surrounding natural communities.
  • Designing for bikes, pedestrians, buses and the community.
  • The future of transportation and how we pay for it.
  • Engineering and construction of new roads using asphalt, concrete, and other materials.
  • Roadway designs, traffic safety and how people interact with these designs.
  • Engineering for bridges, walls and tunnels.

When research is completed we help transportation workers use the results in their day-to-day work. Our work helps them improve transportation infrastructure and services.

Did you know that ODOT has a specialized library? It is housed within our section and contains transportation reference materials and is where agency employees can search for the most current transportation literature.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

We embody excellence by using our skills and expertise to continuously strive to be more efficient, effective and innovative.

Degrees and Experience We Look For

Our employees are generally subject matter experts with a high level of job knowledge and skill. Most research employees have a Master’s degree in a technical field. They must be good at research processes, academic writing, the scientific method and project management. Strong public speaking skills are also important to help us share what we learn.

Our Most Common Jobs

Engineers and researchers who are experts in one or more of the following areas: structures, pavements, materials, maintenance and operations, environmental sciences, the geosciences, active transportation, traffic systems, planning, economics, safety and human behavior. We also have trainers in our section who travel statewide, a librarian and administrative support staff.

Employee sitting at a computer desk smiling at the camera

​What We Do

We collect information that tells us how Oregon’s transportation system is performing. We create maps, crash reports, safety plans and track traffic volume. The information we gather helps us make sure that public money is being used appropriately. We share this information with the state legislature so they can plan how to invest in transportation.

How We Live Our Mission and Values

The data that we gather helps improve the safety of our state transportation system – we help save lives! We also promote integrity at ODOT by making sure that public funds are being used in the right way.

Experience and Degrees We Look For

We like critical thinkers, problem solvers and those who demonstrate leadership! Many of our people have degrees in computer science, engineering, math and business administration. We also like to see experience in collecting data, providing technology support and computer programming.

Our Most Common Jobs

  • Data analysts
  • GIS technicians 
  • Engineers​
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The Oregon Scenic Byway

Our Active Transportation team manages the Oregon Scenic Byway program, highlighting some of the most beautiful roads in the country.

See them all on our YouTube channel.

Pacific Coast

Journey Through Time

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Oregon Outback

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