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Certified Public Road Mileage


Each year ODOT works with cities and counties to meet a federal mandate to report Certified Public Road Mileage in Oregon. Public road mileage totals are part of the apportionment formulas bringing federal transportation dollars to Oregon. ODOT also publishes the Oregon Mileage Report, which is used by the State Legislature and other decision makers to review public road mileage totals and make decisions.

Annual Submittal Guidelines

All agencies with public roads must report mileage totals for their roads each year. Responses are due by February 1, 2024. Visit Certified Public Road Mileage City and County Resources for more information. You can also download step-by-step instructions for Cities and Counties and read answers to frequently asked questions.

Check the status of your returned report by visiting the Local Infrastructure Reporting Status page. Please note that cities and counties must also report on the condition of their federal-aid eligible roads in odd numbered years. The next deadline for condition reporting is February 1, 2025.

Learn more about required infrastructure reporting for cities and counties.

Reference Information

Each year, we use your responses to update the Oregon Mileage Report. Additional city and county maps and other transportation data are also available for reference. In addition, ODOT receives road network line work from various public agencies for the federally-mandated All Roads Network Of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD) GIS submittal. This data is published annually as a framework layer and also in ODOT's TransGIS interactive web mapping tool.


Email Danny Spaulding
Public Road Inventory Coordinator
Telephone 503-986-4143