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Oregon Over-Dimension Permit System Replacement Project

Motor carriers will have access to a web-based over-dimension permitting system.

We are excited to announce plans to improve your ability to obtain the over-dimension permits required for the safe transport of your oversize loads. 

The new system will allow you to request and obtain permits 24/7. That means better access to the permits you need when you need them!

Additional benefits include automated routing, notification of closures or restrictions impacting your planned route and easy access to permit information and reports.  

Efforts to obtain support for this project have been in the works for quite some time. After much research and evaluation, the project was included as a priority in ODOT’s Strategic Action Plan, paving the way for dramatic improvements in over-dimension permitting in Oregon.

“We are pleased to be leading the work on this important project. Not only will the new system allow access to real-time permitting, but it will also allow staff to focus on more complex requests and customer support,” noted CCD Division Administrator Amy Ramsdell. “This provides us with an opportunity to reimagine our service to the industry. We look forward to their feedback as we work through the project and are ever mindful of our goal to move goods safely and effectively throughout the state.”

  • Online self-service system – request your own permits 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Improved turnaround time – have routine permits issued within minutes.
  • Increased safety and compliance – automated routing capabilities will provide the most efficient and safe route, taking into account known road and bridge restrictions and closures.
  • Enhanced communication – receive notifications of road closures impacting a route in which you hold an existing permit.
  • Improved customer service – allow ODOT staff to focus on more complex permitting requests.
Regular information regarding project progress will be available on this page and targeted outreach will occur in other venues as appropriate. For more information, please check out the FAQ for this project.

External Stakeholder Groups

We have established several groups to solicit input and help plan for user testing and implementation. Please click below for more information on the work being done with these groups.

​An External Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was established in late 2021 to provide a forum for external stakeholders to inform decision-making regarding the implementation of the online permitting system. The group will advise ODOT on industry needs, perceptions and messaging, as well as communicate project updates to the communities they represent. The PAC will meet quarterly and will be facilitated by a public engagement consultant.

Meeting Dates and Documents
View agendas, minutes and presentation documents for current and previous meetings.

2023 Meetings
02/202​3   Slide Deck
​​​​05/19/23 Minutes and Slide Deck

If you would like meeting minutes from previous years, please email the OD Permit Project Team.

OD Permit PAC Membership
Association of Oregon Counties (AOC)
Association of Oregon Loggers (AOL)
Central Oregon Trucking Company
Omega Morgan
Oregon State Police (OSP)
Oregon Tow Truck Association (OTTA)
Oregon Trucking Association (OTA)
Siegmund Excavation and Construction
Washington County
​Oregon counties are critical partners in issuing OD permits across the state. Two venues exist to discuss OD Permitting topics relevant to the implementation of a new system and their impacts to counties. All counties are invited to a Quarterly Forum to keep up to date with critical project information and to inform decision-making. Representatives from seven counties meet monthly between County Forums to dive deeper into issues that need resolution. Together, these groups will be working with the OD Permit Project Team to ensure a smooth transition to the new system for our mutual customers.

Meeting Dates and Documents
View agendas, minutes and presentation documents for current and previous meetings.
202​3 Quarterly Forums
​​03/21/23 at 11 a.m.
Agenda and Slide Deck
​06/20/23 at 11 a.m.
​09-19-23 at 11 a.m.
Minutes and Slide Deck

2023 Monthly County Forums
​01/17/23 at 11:30 a.m.
​05/16/23 at 11:30 a.m.
07/18/23 at ​11:30 a.m.
​08/16/23 at ​11:30 a.m.

If you would like meeting minutes from previous years, please email the OD Permit Project Team.​​

The Third-Party Agent (TPA) Working Group will initially meet bi-monthly, but cadence may be adjusted depending on needs of the project and critical milestones. The group was formed in May 2022 with representatives from each of the five third-party agents contracted by ODOT to issue Annual Permits.

Meeting Documents
View agendas, minutes and presentation documents for current and previous meetings.​

2023 Meetings
Date / T​im​e

​​02/2​3/2​3 from 10 to 11 a.m.
​​​​May Meeting Canceled
​​May Project Update
August Meeting Canceled
August Project Update

If you would like meeting minutes from previous years, please email the OD Permit Project Team.

What and Why

ODOT will procure a Custom Off-the-Shelf (COTS) system to reduce reliance on an aging mainframe system, provide better service to our customers and provide expanded capabilities.

For more information, please email the OD Permit Project Team.

Latest News

Release Request for Proposal (RFP)
The State has issued an Intent to Award to ProMiles and is in negotiations to complete the contracting phase of the process. Project timelines will be updated once a contract and implementation schedule is agreed to.

Recent Accomplishments
  • Decisions related to how permit transactions will be managed within the new system.
  • Second Grant submission with FMCSA for another $2 million to help with project costs was completed in March of 2023.
  • Survey was distributed to all counties in April. If you’re still interested in providing feedback, the survey remains open.
Upcoming Work
  • Finalize system connectivity needs in preparation for work with selected vendor.
  • Continued work with internal stakeholder groups to understand needs and design future state processes.
  • Increased engagement with the Motor Carrier community.