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Status Map

The Geometronics Online Toolkit works within the Oregon Department of Transportation's TransGIS application, providing:

  • Maps and status of the Oregon Real-time GNSS Network.
  • Distortion rasters for the Oregon Coordinate Reference System.
  • State Plan North and South projections.
  • Oregon Lambert projections.

Geometronics Online Toolkit

There are two components of the online toolkit:

  1. Oregon Coordinate Reference System.
  2. Oregon Real-time GNSS Network.

Took Kit Screen Shot 


The Oregon Coordinate Reference System component of the toolkit allows users to:

  • Determine the best OCRS low-distortion projection zone for their project.
  • Display all of the OCRS zones on a map.
  • View the actual distortion of a particular OCRS zone in the vicinity of their project.


The Oregon Real-time GNSS Network component of the toolkit allows users to:

  • View the status of ORGN sites.
  • View a map of coverage areas in Oregon where real-time GNSS correctors are available.
  • View or download the ORGN station list, with coordinates and web link for each station.

Contact the ORGN

800 Airport Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97301