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One-hour RINEX files, collected at 5-second epoch rate, are available online for 90 days.

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RINEX Data from Partners

If an ORGN partner already provides RINEX files for its site, the ORGN does not duplicate that content on the ORGN site.

Links are provided to those partner sites from the ORGN NAD83 (2011) Epoch 2010.00 Coordinates List or from the Geometronics Toolkit.

Need older files?

RINEX files are archived offline, and may be obtained by request. Contact the ORGN for archived content.

Need a faster epoch rate?

Users may request RINEX files with a faster epoch rate on a project-by-project basis; for example, an aerial photography project using airborne GNSS control. Requests must be made in advance.

Many stations collect data at a 1-second epoch rate. All data collected is archived.

Contact the ORGN

800 Airport Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97301

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